Art of Change 21 is happy to officially announce the launch of a gallery of masked portraits in three languages (French, English and Chinese) that already includes more than 200 participants from all over the world!

Maskbook is the first international and creative action on the link between health and climate, launched by Art of Change 21 for COP21 (The UN Conference on Climate Change, Paris, December2015), supported by the artist Olafur Eliasson and the social entrepreneur Tristan Lecomte.

Whether masks are made with depolluting plants, plastic, electronic waste, with a 3D printer or original objects, the masks come together but are all unique! Diversity of materials but also themes are celebrated: concerns such as ice melt, waste management or biodiversity.
Citizens, artists, designers, makers, ecologists, children, senior citizens, celebrities and are all part of the adventure. Everyone is invited to take action.


Be part of this amazing masked journey.
You can send your portrait by clicking here. You can also share it on social networks by changing your profile picture on Facebook and using the hashtag #Maskbook on Twitter and Instagram.

We are many, join the movement!

De gauche à droite: "Das Auto" porté par Léni Clause (10 ans, France), "Green Mouth" porté par Alma Molsted Andersen (Danemark) et "Filet de Gloire" porté par Cheng Peien (3 ans, Chine)

From left to right: “Das Auto”, by Leni Clause, (10 years old, France), “Green Mouth” by Alma Molsted Andersen (Denmark), “Breathe” by Cheng Peien (3 years old, China)


During COP21 Maskbook will hold an exhibition within the Grand Palais withSolutions COP21 and the Bourget with Générations Climat.
Maskbook will also be at the World March for Climate the 29th of November (come join the masked march with us in Paris!)

In China, Maskbook’s adventure is currently underway. The Maskbook workshops have been launched during Beijing Design Week, as well as a dedicated WeChat page and a launching event will take place the 20th of October in Beijing with the support of the French Embassy in China.

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Maskbook project led by Art of Change 21 is labelled “COP21” by the French government and “Paris for the climate” by the City of Paris, under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.


First initiative in the world to combine Art, Social Entrepreneurship and Young people, the NGO Art of Change 21 brings together 21 artists, social entrepreneurs and young leaders in climate and environment from 12 countries. Art of Change 21 aims at influencing positively COP21 and the next COPs, and to act in favour of climate and ecological transition thanks to culture, digital and co-creation. The association was founded in 2014 by Alice Audouin, recognized expert in sustainable development and pioneer in France of the link between art and sustainable development.

You want to organize a Maskbook workshop? To welcome a photobooth? To receive an exhibition of portraits or masks? To do a video mapping projection of portraits? You want to support Maskbook? Join our sponsors, ADEME, Orange, Rexel, Generali, Hédonie and Blue Solutions to give the project its international ambition.
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To download the Press Release : Here

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