Something from Nothing – Elyssia’s Otesha Journey

5d76e8e8938c031446800a8a62f681b7Friend of the CSPA Elyssia Sasaki is setting off on an Otesha Performing and Cycling Tour this fall — pedaling about 1500 kilometres and using theatre to spark dialogue about sustainable living. This project will provide intersection between her love of theatre and desire to see it as a sustainable practice. Her team will work to empower ourselves and more than 3000 young Canadians about how we can all be the change we wish to see in the world!

She has an appeal for support: To reach my fundraising goals, I have begun “something from nothing.” This is an attempt to take my overburderned craft drawer, full of buttons, yarn, fabric, and fabulousness, and turn these odds and ends into something new made just for you!! In my gallery, you will find an assortment of images. Drop me a donation, and I’ll send something handmade and totally unique your way!  Contact her at to offer your support or CLICK HERE. If you can’t donate, then share share share this campaign!


About the Otesha Project

The Otesha Project is a national youth-led charitable organization that uses experiential learning, theatre and bicycle tours to engage and empower Canadians of all ages to take action for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Everyday, the choices we make can and do impact other people and the planet. Our actions have tremendous potential to create positive change. By building community, engaging as citizens, being conscientious consumers and using resources wisely, we can create the kind of world we’d like to live in.

A Sustainability Focused Theatre Group – On bicycle!   

The Otesha Project organizes and trains teams of cycling performers that tour for 2 months, travelling a section of Canada by bicycle and delivering Otesha’s unique brand of empowering theatre en route in elementary schools, secondary schools, community venues and university and college campuses.

Cycling Through Change is our interactive, documentary-style theatre piece that follows three young people as they grapple with “being the change they want to see in the world”, each in their own way (Gandhi).

The comedic cast of high-energy performers use their own bodies as props to create a hilarious take on serious environmental and social justice issues that gets audiences talking and laughing.

The performers involve the audience in creating everyday solutions to global issues, and people leave the 45 minute performance inspired to act on their ideas.

Geared for audiences 12-18 years old, but guaranteed to start conversation among elementary students and older folks as well.

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