COAL is pleased to announce the nominees for the ten artists COAL Art & Environment Prize in 2015 on the climate and the six artists nominated for the special price COAL Oceans in partnership with Tara expedition. The 2015 edition of COAL price marks a key step ArtCOP21, the cultural agenda of COP21 worn by COAL and Cape Farewell. Winners will be selected by a prestigious jury on September 17 next to the Museum of Hunting and Nature.

For its sixth edition, the international call for projects of Price COAL calling artists to inspire the negotiations of the COP21 brought together 389 artists from 51 countries folders. This success reflects the commitment of artists to the environment and the recognition of COAL price on the international stage.


Alex Hartley (England, born in 1963), NowhereCollective Disaster (Belgium), Temple of Holy Shit

FICTILIS (Timothy Furstnau and Andrea Steves – USA), True Cost Market

Julie Navarro (France, born in 1972), Sundew

Livin Studio (Katharina Unger and Julia Kaisinger) – Austria, Fungi Mutarium

Mare Liberum (USA), Mergitur sed Regurgitat

MELD (USA – Australia-Greece), Climate Change Hip-Hop OperaMonte Laster (USA-France, born in 1959), CO-OPStefane Perraud and Aram Kebabdjian (France, born in 1975 and 1978), Black SunYesenia Thibault-Picazo (France, born in 1987), Craft in the Anthropocene


Global warming is everyone’s business. The limit to 2 ° C through a binding agreement uniting nations met at the 21th UN Climate Conference to be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015, it is the hope of containing rising Water, food insecurity, extinction of species, ocean acidification or the disappearance of systems’ unique and threatened “like coral reefs. Without the involvement of all the negotiations that will take place at the end of the year can not succeed. The artists nominated for the Prize in 2015 COAL imagined collective projects, citizens, local and global scales, solutions developers, stories, warnings and models involved in awareness and action.Three groups of artists strive to change our daily individual impact on climate change by reversing the laws of consumption and living. Livin Studio, Austrian artist duo Katharina Unger and Julia Kasinger, develops a prototype Fungi Mutarium mycelium culture capable of degrading persistent toxic waste by transforming them into edible biomass. FICTILIS, consisting of Timothy and Andrea Furstnau Steves offers meanwhile, with participative installation True Cost Market, a grocery store where every product is sold its real price, once built the cost of its environmental and social externalities. The circle is complete, with the Temple of Holy Shit, the Collective Disaster dedicated to recycling of human bodily waste. A transdisciplinary and collaborative project that reminds us with humor that we are all producers of fertile ground, a real alternative to agricultural chemical inputs.

The energy, scientific speculation and the time scales are the main concepts of human impact on the climate that fuel the imagination of artists. Julie Navarro initiates us with Sundew, an aesthetic journey on human relationships and landscapes, along the Limousin bogs. These geological formations act as true “sink” of carbon and contribute to natural climate regulation. The artist and the writer Stefane Perraud Aram Kebabdjian lead us in turn in a futuristic fiction where the first prototype of a photovoltaic ice pump designed to contain global warming would have been born. The Black Sun appears as a monument to the ambivalent scientific utopia and uncertainty of our energy transfers. The Anglo-French artist Yesenia Thibault-Picazo, also explores the possible fictions of a future with geology of Craft in the Anthropocene, a draft design on speculative soils and anthropic resources of tomorrow.

Our destructive behavior requires a new ethical and political utopia quest based on the common theory, sharing of resources and wealth, collaboration and citizen start. English, Alex Hartley approached by imagining a utopian space, without borders and without jurisdiction, dedicated to free thought. Nowhere is an island, not a place, consisting of all the commons that exist today outside laws and regulations of the 196 nations of the world. The extraterritoriality seems the only possibility to think a united humanity and peace. From global to ultralocal, there is a step that crosses Monte Laster with CO-OP, an aesthetic and democratic project, which asks how art can be a vehicle for action and reflection on living together throughout the territory of the Seine-Saint-Denis. Artists also intend to raise awareness and put pressure on the negotiators. Mergitur sed Regurgitat the New York collective Mare Liberum, combines poetry and creative activism. Echoing the motto of the city of Paris “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur” (It is tossed by the waves but does not sink), they will sail during the COP21 on Archipelagist, a paper boat that has the ability to flow and to resurface. Powerful metaphor of climate change and our power to act …The registered art historical revolutions in our collective imagination. Because we all hope that COP21 will make history, MELD, which brings nearly fifteen artists, created the Climate Change Hip-Hop Opera a total art project to permanently include the struggle against climate change cultural and aesthetic history.

The winner of the Prix Art et COAL Environment 2015 will benefit from a grant of 5,000 euros and a residence in the area of Belval (Ardennes), owned by François Sommer Foundation .

Hortense Le Calvez and Goussin Mathieu
(France, born in 1988 and born in 1985), 2.0 Corals
Nicolas Floc’h (France, born in 1970), productive StructuresJérémy Gobé (France, born in 1986), MOSE / LatistellataElsa Guillaume (France, born in 1989), coral CosmographieHenrik HÃ¥kansson (Sweden, born in 1968), The Coral SeaMrugen Rathod (India, born in 1982), Untitled

The winner of the special prize Oceans leave for a month in residence on Tara as part of the mission of Tara on the coral – ” coral reefs facing global change on the planet “- to be held in the Pacific Ocean 2016 2018.


Claude Anthenaise, chief curator of the Museum of Hunting and Nature

Agnès b., stylist

Elodie Cazes, coordinator of the art collection agnès b.Philippe Cury, oceanographer

Anne Ged, director of the Paris Climate Agency

Emma Lavigne, director of the Centre Pompidou MetzPRIZE CEREMONY 2015 COAL MUSEUM OF HUNTING AND NATUREThe ceremony will take place in 2015 COAL Price 17 September 2015 at the Museum of Hunting and Nature, which runs until 26 September installing a meteorological history, food and revolution of the artist Asa Sonjasdotter, COAL Award winner in 2014.


Image Credit: © Julie Navarro, Sundew, peats, 2015 Gifts of rain


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