Place to B: COP21 – The ambition

During the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Paris from 30th November to 11th December 2015, Place to B offers not only a place to stay, but also a coworking space, a program of events and a “News Fab Lab” about climate and solutions for the ecological transition.

Beyond COP21, Place to B is above all a movement fuelled by all those who want to convey the message in a different way.


How we started…

How come the world’s worst predicted disaster does not mobilise people? Why aren’t there huge worldwide  demonstrations to protect our most valuable asset – our planet -, to engage us in a real ecological transition? Does the challenge appear too distant from our everyday concerns? Doesn’t a different narrative about the world need writing?

What is Place to B?

Climate change is an anxiety-provoking subject which is difficult to tackle in the media and gives us a sense of powerlessness despite the fact that solutions exist.

Place to B answers this by creating an innovative and multidisciplinary information factory, with the ambition to write a different narrative about climate issues and to create a unique newsworthy momentum during the COP21 in Paris, December 2015.


Want to be in the center of Paris? Not far from the negotiation center but also close to the other events?

Place to B is an ideal coworking space that will welcome journalists, bloggers, graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, photographers, video makers, comedians, writers…  who want to cover the COP21 negotiations and look for an ideal workplace tailored to their needs : web connection, communication toolbox, etc.


A themed program of events will include meetings, press conferences, daily briefings, discussions with experts and public figures and the delivery of content proposed by Place to B’s COPilots. But also moments of conviviality, various workshops, film screenings, concerts… all open to public.

Want to come in Paris to follow the negotiations but can’t find an accommodation easily?

Place to B offers a place of residence in a youth hostel with 600 beds, whose prices have been specially negotiated.


Together for a new narrative

In contrast to the often alarmist and negative speeches, we wish to build a realistic narrative, which takes into account the issues that need to be popularised and which generate hope by conveying existing and future solutions, while remaining realistic.

Creating a different narrative requires disrupting production habits, transforming usual ways of thinking and questioning our practices to reach a new organisational model. Far away from conventional media discourses, the strength of such an approach is that it involves civil society as a whole in this new form of information production.

Place to B : a B for Planet B, Plan B, Bourget, RER B, Bloggers, Bottom-Up, Bees… and for “The place to be”, aka Planet Earth!

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