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wormculture-logoWin accolades from your fans, and $250!

~ HOW? ~  Make art – sculptures, paintings, drawings, videos, poems, net art, music, dance, creative designs, architecture, etc – that celebrates composting worms. See examples of what has been made in this genre on the blog. To stimulate the creation and promotion of cultural works about composting worms, four Vermi-Prizes (each $250 USD) will be awarded to artists who have created excellent new content.

~ WHY? ~  Because more art about worms is a good thing. More vermicomposting (worm composting) is a good thing. And worms need better public relations. Many of the submissions will be posted on the blog. This is not an e-commerce site – and all artists retain all rights to their work. The mission of is to encourage and promote creative culture around composting worms.

~ SUBMIT ~  Send documentation of  your work (use or, for larger files), or send URL links to your work, along with a short artist statement about it to Amy Youngs via email:

~ DEADLINE ~  May 24, 2015. Awards announced in June.

~ WHO ~  Artist Amy M. Youngs initiated this prize as part of her exhibition, VermiCulture Makers Club taking place at the Kentucky School of Art. She has been creating worm-related artworks since 2004, and wants to invite others to join in. She commissioned a new worm-inspired music piece by Krzysztof Topolski, premiering at the exhibition. The honorarium she receives as a visiting artist at the Kentucky School of Art will fund the Vermi-Prizes. She also thanks her employer, the Ohio State University, College of Arts and Sciences, for granting her a sabbatical to pursue this project.

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