Call for papers: The politics of art and art scenes in Latin America

seismopolite logoOur upcoming issue will examine the political function of art in diverse contexts in Latin America. The issue aims to discuss the implications and consequences of the formation of Latin American contemporary art scenes, with respect to artists’ ability to reflect and influence their local political situation, as well as the possibility of cooperation between artists and art scenes across contexts and countries.

We invite contributors from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to submit essays, exhibition reviews or interviews that address the theme “The politics of art and art scenes in Latin America” through a high variety of possible angles.

Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

  • The conditions of artists to influence the formation of their art scene, and to use the art scene as a platform for (internal and external) cooperation
  • The conditions of artists to reflect and influence their local political situation through art
  • Artistic strategies in response to censorship and violations of human rights
  • Artistic responses to neoliberal urbanization
  • Mechanisms of the Latin American art market – the artistic, cultural and political implications of the development of new contemporary art scenes and economies
  • Art’s potential to promote cultural diversity, intercultural cooperation and understanding
  • Art, ecology and environmental issues
  • Critical responses to geopolitical, economic, cultural/ ethnical or historical master narratives though art
  • Processes of translation in the global mediation of Latin American contemporary art
  • Artistic approaches to political geography and artistic interventions in geopolitical discourses
  • The development of international contemporary art venues/ festivals/ fairs/ biennials in Latin American contexts, and their impact on the societal function and meaning of art in specific contexts

Please send your proposal (abstract or draft), a brief bio and samples of earlier work to within March 15, 2015. Submission deadline, final text: March 29, 2015.

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