The COAL Art and Environment Prize, dedicated this year to the climate (a national priority in 2015) will be awarded for the 6th consecutive year to an artist selected from 10 finalists, for an art project concerning the climate. The Ocean occupies 71% of the surface of the planet, but is often conspicuously absent from the engagements made by states in climate negotiations. It should be major factor! To place the ocean at the center of the debate, Tara Expéditions et the COAL Association are launching a special “Oceans” prize for the COAL Art and Environment 2015 competition. The winning artist will be awarded a residency aboard Tara during an expedition in the Pacific Ocean.

Special Award “Oceans”

The winner of this special prize will spend a month aboard TARA, a legendary boat built for extreme conditions, during a mission entitled “Coral Reefs Facing Global Change on the Planet.” The expedition will take place from 2016 to 2018 in the Pacific Ocean, particularly in the Coral Triangle of Southeast Asia. The expedition aims to understand the evolution of coral reefs – vital hotspots of marine biodiversity that are currently confronting rapid changes in demography and climate. This special “Oceans” Prize will be awarded to an artistic project engaged in saving the oceans in light of current climate issues.

The COAL Art and Environment Prize 2015 – Objective COP21

Since 2010, the COAL Art & Environment Prize has been revealing the richness of responses brought by artists to address current environmental problems. Each year the awards honor 10 projects related to environmental issues, selected through an international call for projects. This year the COAL Art and Environment Prize is dedicated to the theme of climate – to inspire the COP21, and offer the general public and policy makers highly creative and unusual ways to understand the complexity of climate change.

The winner of the COAL Art and Environment Prize 2015 will receive a grant of 5,000 euros and a residency at the Domaine de Belval, owned by the François Sommer Foundation.

The winner of the special “Oceans” Prize will embark aboard TARA in 2016, during an expedition in the Pacific Ocean.

This sixth edition of the COAL Prize Art and Environment is part of ArtCOP21, an exceptional cultural festival initiate by COAL and our UK partners Cape Farewell, that will take place in France during COP21. ArtCOP21 is an unprecedented collaboration of cultural actors who are keen to instigate an ecological transition towards a healthier environment – through arts and culture. The mission of ArtCOP21 is to engage the wider public in creating a positive vision for a sustainable future.

The call for proposals is open until February 28, 2015, midnight

Download the call for entries


Application deadline : February 28th, 2015 at midnight.

The COAL Prize will be awarded in Autumn 2015.

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