Sustainable Build Weeks

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Learn techniques to help you create your own sustainable building

9th – 13th February, 2nd – 6th March, 7th – 10th April 2015

In additional to the ongoing construction of our beautiful new Linhay, the Land Based Learning Centre, there are a number of other exciting building projects taking shape or about to get underway at Embercombe.

Come and be part of the story of this wonderful place. You will learn new skills that will help you realise the dream of creating your own sustainable build!

A sustainable self-build is a project in which a group of people come together to build a structure (home, barn, bench, stove, etc.) that is built using sustainable building practices and will function in harmony with its environment once built.

No previous experience is needed, but any you have will be welcome.

Tasks for the Week:

The building projects will incorporate and celebrate traditional building techniques at their very best: Frames will always be wood; many are oak, with cob and straw bale walls. Roofs will be examples of reciprocated wood, recycled tiles and green roof practices. Finishes will be sustainable insulation and traditional plaster. This is complimented by a host of environmental features that you will learn about over the week.

You are invited to join the team of master craftsmen and building experts undertaking the techniques and tasks required to complete a number of exciting projects.

The following are examples of techniques that will be undertaken at different stages of different builds. Please note that they suggest you contact the embercombe office on 01647 252983 or email clare [at] embercombe [dot] co [dot] uk to get the specific breakdown of techniques and tasks for each of the dates below. If you are interested in learning a specific skill please contact them for more information.

Cob Building, Straw Bale Lime Render, Lime Washing

Reciprocated Roofing, Green Roof Finishes

Green Oak Carpentry, Wood Carving, Traditional Stone Walling, Sustainable Landscaping

Preliminary Finishing Techniques

Your tutors for the week will teach you new skills, working alongside you to create different elements of the fabulous buildings.

Likely activities (please check with the office foir full course specification)

Green Oak work, Straw Bale Walling, Reciprocal Roofing, Wood Carving, Stone Walling, Pounding, Lime Rendering, Floor Laying, Cobbing, Landscaping, Preliminary Finishing Techniques.

For a detailed outline of the weeks activities and the project that you will be working on please email clare [at] embercombe [dot] co [dot] uk

Programmes for Adults and Children 16 years +

Day and Residential participants welcome. Accommodation is in yurts. Please bring your own bedding (including lots of warm blankets)

Monday 2pm – Friday 4.30pm

If you are joining them on Monday please arrive by 12.00, in time to settle into your yurts. Lunch will at 1pm and we will start at 2pm.

Lunch, hot drinks and snacks will be provided for day volunteers.

Breakfast, lunch and evening meal, hot drinks and snacks will be provided for residential volunteers.

All food is organic, vegetarian, home-cooked and sourced from our site wherever possible.


PLEASE NOTE that the Sustainable Build Course running from1st – 5th December is FREE OF CHARGE for POOSH MEMBERS please indicate this on your booking form.

A contribution to the cost of meals for those participating in the week is requested.

Day participants: £10 (to include lunch).

Residential participants: £35 per 24 hours (to include full bed and board).

If you would like to and can afford to, they always welcome additional donations to help subsidise the low-cost places we provide and help us with the costs of our work.


You are welcome to come for just one day or for the full week.

Places are limited: Booking is essential for both day and residential places.

Sustainable Build Week

Please click here to book your place

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