ArtCop21: COAL and Cape Farewell organise for COP21, November – December 2015

A cultural programme for the 21st United Nations Conference on climate change. Paris, from the 30th of November to the 10th of December 2015.

 the two European partners behind ArtCop21 willmobilise artists and the wider cultural sector to create a festival and cultural symposium during the Cop21 conference. From 30th November until 10th December 2015 they will create and exceptional cultural-climate festival in the city of Paris.


The 21st Conference of the United Nations climate is an important step in the negotiations for a future international agreement to fight against climate change.

The agenda of Cop21 is primarily scientific and political. ArtCop21 provides an alternative agenda, recognising that for a real cultural shift, we need to encourage a diverse range of citizens to engage with the topic. Arts and culture have always played a critical role in responding to political, environmental and social issues.

The United Nations have officially recognised the direct link between culture and the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – confirming that culture is both a catalyst and an engine of sustainable development.

In the autumn of 2015, thousands of civilian actors, foundations and NGOs will show their commitment to change the world at the Paris-Le Bourget site that will host COP21. ArtCop21 wants to share this energy to the public through art and creative engagement.

ArtCop21 will open the doors to the wider public and show the political players that there are alternatives to comprehend the complexity of the climate chal- lenge; a cultural shift inspired by creativity and innovation.


ArtCop21 is a cultural event that will take place in Paris during the COP21. Mission of Artcop21 is to engage the wider public in creating a positive vision for a sustainable future.

ArtCop21 is an unprecedented collaboration of cultural actors who are keen to instigate an ecological transition towards a healthier environment- through arts and culture.

ArtCop21 will mobilize artists to develop projects of cultural expression that will engage and inspire public participation.

ArtCop21 will mount a forum to articulate the power of inspiring a cultural shift that embraces a sustainable future for all.

With ArtCop21, knowledge and action around the climate challenge will make the topic accessible and fun for the wider public.


ArtCop21 irrigates the city through artistic, collaborative and innovative proposals.

It will include:

1 - The Conference of Creative Parties bringing together twenty one international artists, creatives and intellectuals to invent a creative vision for tomorrow’s world. A three-day public facing symposium at La Sorbonne.

2 - Five monumental and participatory art installations in public space, co-created by five invited international artists and the citizens of Paris.

3 - An artistic journey through the Ile-de-France in multiple locations that are united for ArtCop21 artists’ studios, museums, art associations, institutions, theatres, galleries and shopping centers.

4 - A major exhibition in a significant cultural institution presenting the work of leading international artists engaged in the field of ecology.

5 – A special edition of the Coal Prize Art and environment, which by an international open call, brings hundreds of artistics proposals for climate.

See you in the fall of 2014 for the ArtCop21′s launching!


On the Move, Julie’s Bicycle, University of the Arts, London, Studio Orta – les Moulins, Zone sensible, la Réserve des arts.


Lauranne Germond

2 rue Caffarelli
75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 75 57 87 63

David Buckland
University of the Arts Chelsea
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU
+44 (0)207 514 8079

Crédit image : Lucy + Jorge Orta, Antarctica – Métisse flag, 2010, Banksy, Global Warming, 2009, Gideon Mendel, drowning world, Ackroyd & Harvey, Testament, 2011

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