Opportunity: Spring Fling Evolution Project Manager

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Spring Fling Evolution Project

September 2014 – April 2015

1. Background

Spring Fling is a visual art and craft organisation supporting visual artists and makers through creating a range of platforms for professional artists and makers to showcase and sell their work across, and from, a large rural area:  Dumfries and Galloway, in the south west of Scotland. Spring Fling (the organisation)’s flagship event is Spring Fling: an annual contemporary visual art and craft open studios event covering the region. The event is the one of the most successful of its kind in the UK and was set up in 2003 to support and promote the region’s professional artists, makers and their businesses. Spring Fling, the event, has a significant impact on the local economy (£1.4 million in 2014), generates substantial sales in artists’ studios over a three-day event (over £250,000), and in 2014 attracted 13,400 visitors (44,300 studio visits).

Since employing a small team in 2011 Spring Fling has developed into a leading organisation commissioning and producing experimental public art (Couch 2012 and SFRM 2014); year round paid developmental opportunities for established and emerging artists to develop new work through bursary schemes; mentoring; residencies and apprenticeships; and marketing and media training for artists. With a strong brand associated with quality and ambition, it has significantly developed its impact across the media through TV and print and also through increased use of social media.  It has taken Spring Fling out of the region with national exhibitions in Glasgow, Newcastle and London.

Spring Fling is now in the process of evolving into a regionwide development organisation supporting experimentation and enterprise within the visual art and craft creative industries of a rural area. The organisation will work with artists and partners to create local, national and international opportunities for established, emerging and aspiring artists and makers. Providing professional, business and marketing development the organisation will offer support to artists enabling; experimentation & risk taking; the creation of new work; sharing of skills; engaging with the public; and reaching new markets.

The creation of a new organisational brand will protect Spring Fling (the event brand) and open the organisation’s services to a wider customer base of both artists and audiences. The new organisation will be launched in April 2015. This project will ensure that we have the best organisational business model for the efficient management and delivery of the present and future activities provided by the wider organisation.

The strategic aims of the organisation are to maintain Spring Fling as the vibrant flagship event within a wider organisation which supports artists and makers at different stages of their careers throughout the year, and through this nurturing the arts and artistic activity within the communities of the largely rural population of Dumfries and Galloway.

2. Brief

Spring Fling CIC (SFCIC) is looking for a Sustainable Development Project Manager or Sustainable Development Project Team (freelance) who will lead the development project.

This is an eight-month project split into four phases:

Phase 1 | Creative & Collaborative Development | September 2014 – January 2015 | Fee: £8000 (approx.)

Phase 2 | Business Development | December 2014 – February 2015 | Fee: £3000 (approx.)

Phase 3 | Financial & Economic Development | January – March 2015 | Fee: £7000 (approx.)

Phase 4 | Branding Development | December 2014 & March – April 2015 | Fee: £3000 (approx.)


3. Proposals 

To apply please send:

  • Proposal document (one per phase)
  • Budget breakdown
  • Detail on partners and collaborators, if applicable
  • Outline of your experience in this area including CV’s of all individuals involved

This should be sent to Leah Black, Director, Spring Fling CIC to leah@spring-fling.co.uk by 5pm Friday 5 September 2014

Interviews will be conducted in Dumfries between Monday 8 – Thursday 11 September. Phase 1 is due to start in late September 2014.

Please direct any questions to Leah Black by email (above) or on 01387 213 218.

Image courtesy of Spring Fling: http://www.spring-fling.co.uk/

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