12th station of the exhibition ETF! in Essen, Germany

OPENING JULY 18, 2014 at 7pm

Welterbe Zollverein – Areal A
[Schacht XII], Halle 6 [A6] Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
45309 Essen


Interdisciplinary Symposium (including a night of theater): 16. AUGUST 2014

Exhibition: 18/07/2014 – 04/09/2014

Expeditions in aesthetic and sustainability is distinguished by the German UNESCO Commission as Decade Project of the UN Decade in Education for Sustainable Development 2014.


The finiteness of the energy reserves, the threat of climate change, the erosion of biodiversity are also penetrated deep into the public perception before the failed world climate summits in Copenhagen and Cancun, as a concern. After the peaks arises urgent than ever the question of individual possibilities.

We need visions of a sustainable life, with sense (sensitivity), desire and passion of one’s actions combine. recommended to imitation! focuses on the cultural and aesthetic dimensions of sustainability into the sense awareness, to counter so the observable Vernutzung of the term. You aware that sustainability, which sees itself as shaping, can not do without the arts and sciences; of them is to learn to think in transitions, temporaries, models and projects.

Artistic questions and concepts for action increasingly aim at the multi-faceted action fields of ecology and increasing attention to increase their social resonance chamber. Sustainability requires a development space, in which the multiple links of the existing wealth of knowledge and experience in the arts and sciences can only truly develop and at the same time the idea that each | individual can have them share.

recommended to imitation! expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability is the first comprehensive exhibition in the Federal Republic, which focuses on the cultural dimension of sustainability to the center by establishing the links between sustainability and aesthetics. About 40 national and international positions from art, science, film and architecture to face the questions of survival on the risk in all respects planet.
It shows artistic practices that will contribute to the preservation of the planet and to influence conscious consumer behavior, are economically viable and artistic positions in which dissolve the boundaries between art, activism and inventions, and the experience and practice of environmental initiatives with artistic approaches connect.

Sustainability needs expanding perception in interaction. But the boundaries between artistic and technical creativity are aware canceled between feasibility and idea. The sensuality is the unifying element in the works and presentations of visual artists, inventors and scientists as well as in exemplary works of design and architecture, but also in examples of sustainable management, the challenge in their own particular way, the individual dimension of action.
In addition to technical innovations and materials participatory projects and networks will be presented in the field of renewable energy, water and climate change, ecology and Re | upcycling.

An integral part of the concept to be touring the exhibition, in order thus to escape the fast pace of the art market and weave at each other exhibition the peculiarities of the local, artistic, scientific and umweltaktivistischen competence. After kicking off the shores halls in Berlin-Wedding, was recommended to imitation! Kunstverein Gartow, the Federal Environment Agency and the Bauhaus University in Dessau, at the same time in the three Bavarian art associations Oberpfaffenhofen, Ingolstadt and Neuburg. By the end of August 2011, the exhibition at the Water Tower Bremen was a guest now, since 9.9. 2011 she is in Hamburg, overseas HafenCity quarter. 2012 lead us the expeditions to Bombay, to Addis Ababa and Beijing, respectively, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

We appreciate great appreciation for the sophisticated publication, published by Hatje Cantz. She received the Art Directors Club Award in 2011 and the red dot award 2011 in the category of editorial design. And for an art project unusual was recommended to imitation! with two environmental awards: the media Special Prize of the German Environmental Aid and as a project workshop north of the Council for Sustainable Development.

Artists in the exhibition

Aziza Alaoui (MEX | MOR), Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla (U.S. | CU), Francis Alÿs (MEX | BEL), Nele Azevedo (BR), Richard Box (GB), Joseph Beuys (D), Ines Doujak (A) Adib Fricke (D), gallery of landscape art (D), Studio Lukas Feireiss and Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today with Luis Berríos-Negrón (D | UK | PR), Dionisio González (e), Emiliano Godoy (MEX), Tue Green Fort (DK ), Hermann Josef Hack (D), Henrik HÃ¥kansson (S), Ilkka Halso (FIN), Cornelia Hesse-Honegger (CH), Folke Köbberling | Martin cold water (D), Christian Kuhtz (D), Christin Lahr (D), Antal Lakner (HU), Jae Rhim Lee (KR | U.S.), Till Leeser (D), Marlen Liebau | Marc Lingk (D), Gustavo Lipkau (MEX), Susanne Lorenz (D), Petra Maitz (A), Gordon Matta -Clark (U.S.) (adaptation), Gerd Niemöller (D), Dan Peterman (U.S.), Nana Petzet (D), Clement Price-Thomas (U.S.), Dodi Reifenberg (IL | D), Pedro Reyes (MEX), Ariel Rojo (MEX), Gustavo Romano (AR), Miguel Rothschild (AR), Michael Saup (D), Ursula Schulz-Dornburg (D), Dina Shenhav (IL), David Smithson (U.S.), Robert Smithson (U.S.), Superflex (DK), Jakub Szczesny (PL) The Yes Men (U.S.), Maria Vedder (D), Gudrun F. Widlok (D), Xing Danwen (CN), home power plant (D), interim Report (D).

Set up Essen

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