Seeking global collaborators for an art project embodying climate change

HOLOSCENESstatic.squarespace is a public performance and series of multi-platform artworks that embody the trauma of flooding, as well as a cross-disciplinary research driven by the concern that our troubled relationship to water will become the central issue of the 21st century.

The creative team — behind presentations at The Whitney Museum and The Sundance Film Festival and led by TED Senior Fellow Lars Jan — is asking you to collaborate by recording a video of ANY everyday activity that you or someone you know perform (brushing your teeth, making food, exercising, etc.) posting it online, and including it in the larger project by submitting a link through our website. Inside custom designed aquariums, performers will simulate these documented behaviors while flood waters rise and recede around them.

The result will be large scale performance installations in several cities crediting you as collaborator, and an online video series featuring your submission.

To submit, go to our project site,, and click the “collaborate” button. From there you will be directed to a form where you can send us the link to your video and information about your activity.

We are hoping to find collaborators of all ages, from all over the world to help realize HOLOSCENES. Please participate, and please spread the word!


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