Logo_Emergence_PINK_RGB.1.1The much anticipated Emergence 2014 Land Journey: ‘THE WALK THAT RECONNECTS’  runs between Monday 8th (p.m) and Saturday 13th September (a.m) 2014.

“How do we create a shared narrative or story and draw out the collaborative voice of the WE not just the ME?” Lucy Neal.

The 2014 Emergence Land Journey offers much more than just a guided walk through some of the most varied and beautiful countryside in the UK (this time in Mawr and Gower in South Wales). The Walk That Reconnects offers participants an opportunity to consciously walk into a sustainable future together.  Inspired by the ideas of eco-psychologist and activist Joanna Macy and ‘The Work That Re-connects,’ it combines a multi-stage land journey, outdoor conference and walking workshop all in one event.

Facilitated by Lucy Neal (co-founder LIFT/Transition Town Tooting/Playing For Time) and Fern Smith (co-founder Volcano Theatre/Emergence), the Land Journey offers an opportunity for a deepened dialogue, concentration and reflection on the things that matter and things we take for granted. The group is taken on a physical journey and inner journey designed to “build motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture.”

For more information or to secure a place please contact Holli Messam: holli@emergence-uk.org.

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