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• Rio de Janeiro – New Delhi – Berlin – Window Rock – New York – Copenhagen – LA

In 2013 the International Uranium Film Festival organized festivals in Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi, Mumbai,… Berlin, Munich, in New Mexico and in Window Rock Navajo Nation and showed more than 60 documentaries and movies about the risks of nuclear power, atomic bombs, uranium mining, nuclear waste and depleted uranium weapons: From Hiroshima to Fukushima. Thanks to all friends, partners and supporters the International Uranium Film Festival could show these important films to hundreds and thousands of people in three continents and more than a dozen cities.

Please support the International Uranium Film Festival  in 2014, so that it can continue its important mission. In 2014 the festival will begin in Washington DC (Feb 10-12) and New York (Feb 14-18). Then comes in May, the main event of 2014 – the 4th International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro. Further festivals are planned in Nepal, India, Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Greenland, United States and more. The festivals can only be realized with generous support from environmental and socially conscious people, companies and institutions.

For more information on the films shown at the International Uranium Film Festival:
Women of Fukushima
Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1
New York Brooklyn Program

Donate directly through Paypal.

Festival Office and Film Entry Address:
Uranium Film Festival
Rua Monte Alegre. 356 / Apt 301
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
CEP 20240-194 – Brazil

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