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On the 26th November Julie’s Bicycle launched, with think tank Meteos and 100 exceptional women, alice.

Launched in November 2013 by one hundred women from across a variety of different backgrounds, industries and age groups, alice seeks to articulate what good leadership looks like, and empower and support its manifestation.

alice is a new leadership voice fit to deal with the urgent and accumulating social and environmental challenges we face.

alice is a movement founded on a shared sense that we need new leadership. Instead of today’s ego-driven, zero-sum ethos, we need a leadership that is collegiate, distributed and generous. It needs to have the ambition to find collective and durable solutions to the common obstacles we face.

alice is an expression of this ambition, the protagonist that drives this movement. Her anonymous voice will publicly reward, challenge and inspire the leadership behaviours we need. She will support and empower the manifestation of these values.

Julie’s Bicycle is currently coordinating alice in partnership with Meteos. The movement brings together women who exemplify the passion, drive and desire for change articulated above.

If you have any questions contact for more information.

How can I get involved?

Share your stories of exemplary leadership on Twitter using #alice.

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