Philippines: Traffic culture and climate issues highlighted with GPS-painting

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‘CAR-Manila – clean air ride’ to be held in Manila, the Philippines, on 29 November 2013. A ‘virtual painting performance’ that combines art and technology, virtual reality and real life, environment and community.


On 29 November, as a way to shed new light on climate and clean air issues through the combination of art and technology, electric cars, bikes and various other green vehicles painted the three letters of the word AIR as they moved with their GPS-phones on a specified route through the streets of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.



The Virtual Painting Performance in the streets of Manila was organised by Clean Air Asia, Partnership for Clean Air, CO2 Green Drive and Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines (eVAP).

The 29 November 2013 version in Manila is the first version of a new collaboration between CO2 Green Drive and Clean Air Asia which will act as a sort of ‘blueprint’ for following events to occur in 2014 and 2015.

“The Clean Air Drive Manila project promotes the use of non-motorized transportation options and alternative fuels to reduce emissions from vehicles. It provides an opportunity to present the concept of electric vehicles and alternative fuels in a public discussion forum,” wrote Clean Air Asia on their home page.

The Philippines are currently building an electric vehicle industry using a US$ 300 million ADB loan, reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 260,000 tons and doubling incomes for tricycle drivers.

CO2 Green Drive, a project under the umbrella of the Danish Cultural Institute in collaboration with Clean Air Asia, is currently in the process of planning six similar events in various Asian countries in the near future.

On Earth Day, 22 April 2014, the CO2 Green Drive Project becomes a global event with ‘Green Drives’ as well as runs and walks in numerous cities around the globe.

The completion of the route is tracked with the GPS tracking application and the ensuing painting can be visually traced live on a designated website.

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