Prix Coal 2014: PARIS

Prix_Coal_2014_appelThe COAL Art & Environment Prize reveals the wealth of answers brought by artists to current environmental issues. Since 2010, the COAL Prize has honored  ten projects related to environmental issues each year, which are selected through a call for international projects and in which hundreds of artists from around the world participate. One artist is awarded the Prix COAL worth € 10,000 by a jury of personalities from the art and ecology. In 2013 COAL price on the theme  Adaptation , was presented to Lawrence Tixador for its “transitional architecture.”

In 2014, the theme of the COAL Prize is PARIS . Environmental and societal issues of the French capital are numerous: pollution, energy, sprawl, transportation, land use, biodiversity loss, climate change adaptation, etc.. A creative approach to ecology emerges in new social organizations, alternative modes of productions, collaborative ways of living and working that promote usability as well as the happy sobriety. Having long has Paris been the city of light, the symbol of industrial modernity and progress… will she once again shine in the post embodying ecological modernity?

Paris, one of the world capitals of culture and creation, invites artists in 2014 to demonstrate the central role that art can play in a sustainable and responsible city. Artists, predominantly urban, heirs of the diversity embodied in Paris are invited to shake, rethink, reinvent the capital, in a multipolar world and connected to define a fairer and radiant urban culture in harmony with nature.

The COAL Price 2014 will be presented in Paris on 13 February 2014, at a ceremony attended by the ten selected artists and personalities of art and sustainable development.

Established in 2010 by the COAL association, Coalition for art and sustainable development, COAL Price Art and Environment, is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and the National Center for Visual Arts.

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The closing date of the call for projects is January 5, 2014 at midnight .
COAL The award will be presented February 13, 2014.

The selection committee and the jury will be announced shortly.

See the jury of the previous edition

Selection of projects

The criteria for selection of projects take into account the artistic value, relevance (understanding of the issues), originality (ability to suggest approaches, thematic or angles of original view), pedagogy (the ability to convey a message , awareness), social and participative approach (engagement, testimony, efficiency, societal dynamics), eco-design and feasibility.

The COAL Price supports artistic projects in progress or planned. Its endowment of € 10,000 does not necessarily intended to cover all production costs of the project and should be considered as an aid to development.

Beyond the presentation of COAL Prize, the call for proposals is also an opportunity to promote artists involved and witness the creative potential of art on the theme of the environment.

Coal wants to promote the networking of these artists with scientists and stakeholders, produces, develops and promotes projects identified by the call for proposals in the context of exhibitions, events and commands. Projects may be a broadcast on resource 0, national arts and ecologies platform, with the consent of the artists.


The application shall consist of the following documents together in a single pdf file ( The application should not exceed 20 pages):

-A summary description of the proposed and illustrated with his artistic dimension and put into perspective with the environmental issue and the annual theme project
– Two high-definition visuals illustrating the project
-A note on the technical characteristics of the project, particularly in terms of infrastructure and means of production
, a budget estimate;
-A Curriculum Vitae and an artistic record.

Submission of applications

All proposals must be submitted on the server COAL before 5 January 2014.

> Put your online folder on the server COAL

Special Conditions

By participating in this call, the authors projects expressly authorize the COAL association publish, reproduce and publicly distribute all or part of the elements of their project for all purposes related to the promotion and communication of project COAL in all media by all media, in all countries and for HOW LONG LEGAL COPYRIGHT. Projects submitted and not selected will remain in the archives of the COAL association. However, they remain the property of their authors. Participation in this call for projects resulting full acceptance of the above conditions.


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