Synergy = Music + Sustainability

Arts Earth Partnership (AEP) and NextAid are two long-standing Los Angeles-based nonprofit organizations that promote sustainability projects within the arts and cultural sectors.  AEP certifies cultural institutions throughout Los Angeles to make them more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact.  NextAid harnesses the power of dance music to support young entrepreneurs in urban centers in Africa, with a specific focus in Nairobi.  Both organizations offer tangible results to today’s most pressing environmental and societal problems.

In a spirit of collaboration, AEP and NextAid are coming together for first time to raise funds for their vital work!

Music by:


Saturday, August 4th

4pm -11pm

At a gorgeous private home in the Los Feliz.


Host Committee:

Gabriel Avenna, Brooke Bendewish, Mimi Campbell, Stuart Cooley, Lindsay Hawes, Janine Jordan, Joe Hernandez-Kolski, Lisa Lee, Jeffrey Levin, Heather Lounsbury, Mia Mayweather, Naomi Okuyama, Bonnie Powers, Jonathan Rudnick, Susan Von Seggern, Joel Shapiro, Dominique Smith, Lynn Tejada, Wamuhu Waweru, Carl Welty


Arts:Earth Partnership (AEP) has been in existence since 2008 and has created a user-friendly green certification program specifically for the arts sector and cultural institutions.  Endorsed by the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, both have adopted AEP’s standards into their “official” Green Business Certification Process. Funds raised at the event will help AEP certify more facilitates in the greater Los Angeles area and lower the negative environmental impact of the cultural sector.  The money will also be used to implement the Los Angles Arts Environmental Impact Report (LAAEIR), a project that gathers data about the environmental impacts of arts organizations in the greater Los Angeles area.

NextAid is an 8 year old Los Angeles based nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of music, specifically electronic dance music, to support sustainable development projects that serve children, youth and women in Kenya and Sierra Leone. Currently, funds raised are going toward the completion of the Kawangware Vision Centre (KVC) in Nairobi, Kenya. KVC is a youth-driven, locally created and managed organization that runs an ecological business making silkscreened gift bags out of recycled paper for the tourism industry. NextAid partnered with KVC to build a new “green” workshop and multipurpose facility to expand their operation and ultimately serve more youth. Other NextAid partner projects include the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy which provides free high school to girls in Kibera, Nairobi and a Birthing Shelter in Sierra Leone, stated to be built this year partnership with the First Ladies Initiative and the First Lady of Sierra Leone.