Engage by Design is Live, Check out the Kaleidoscope Project

We are thrilled to announce that ENGAGEBYDESIGN.org is now live!

We are launching with The Kaleidoscope Videos, a series of conversations with experts on sustainability, design, science, arts, business and innovation, aiming to reflect and generate actions between a diverse range of disciplines.

Engage by Design (EbD) is a new social enterprise developed through our final Master research in sustainability and design. EbD specialises in strategical interventions that aim to support the transformation of your product or service to a more sustainable one.

We have found that sustainability can be really confusing, not only is it ambiguous but its also huge and therefore can be incredibly overwhelming. To help us look at how we can make a more positive sustainable impact in our work, on our society and to the world we live in we have developed four lenses or ‘Values’ to use as a starting point for conversations.

These 4 Values are: Innovation, Balance, Meaning & Culture.

The Kaleidoscope Project teaser video is live, please watch, comment and share it!

Thank you all for all your support – this couldn’t have happened without you. Stay tuned for more or contact us anytime for a more personal update. 


Zoë Olivia John and Rodrigo Bautista.

Engage by Design

2 thoughts on “Engage by Design is Live, Check out the Kaleidoscope Project

  1. Hello! Have you seen the first two videos? Here they are Balance and Culture>>>> http://engagebydesign.org/category/kaleidoscope/videos/
    And a quick list of all the people in the Kaleidoscope Videos
    Ramon Arratia European Sustainability Director at InterfaceFlor

    Eric Benson Graphic Designer Co-founder of Re-Nourish

    Dr. Jonathan Chapman Reader & Course Leader of the MA Sustainable Design at University of Brighton

    Jo Confino Executive Editor of the Guardian Chairman & Editorial Director of Guardian Sustainable Business

    Dr. Kate Fletcher Slow Fashion consultant & Reader in Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion

    Mark Gawlinski Senior Lecturer in Leadership specialising in Organisational Change

    Nick Gant Co-Director of the Inheritable Futures Laboratory & Co-founder of BoBo Design

    Ken Garland Visionary & Co-creator of First things First manifesto. Ken is a Graphic Designer & visiting lecturer at many design schools across the globe

    Dr. Caneel Joyce Lecturer at the London School of Economics

    Dr. Mike Pitts Sustainability Manager at Chemistry Innovation & Project Leader Resource Efficiency at Technology Strategy Board

    Nathan Shedroff is a pioneer in Experience Design. Writer, lecturer and chair of the MBA in Design Strategy at California College of Arts

    Ignacio Urbina Polo Industrial Designer and assistant professor at Pratt University, New York and Venezuela

    Alberto Villarreal Industrial Designer & Co-founder of Agent

  2. Ian Garrett says:

    Hey Rodrigo, it’s very exciting and we’ve got the next posts in the queue as well, look for those in the upcoming week!

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