#Trafigura art prize to be announced November 3

It is a struggle for artists to get paid, but surely  no artist in their right mind would want to accept a prize from a company with a reputation like Trafigura’s. That would be, ah,  toxic to any emerging artist’s career, don’t you think?:

Young Masters will also officially launch an Art Prize which will be continued by the Trafigura Foundation each year.  The Art Prize, totaling £4,000, will be awarded to the most talented artist as judged by a panel of highly respected arts professionals.  Young Masters is curated by Constance Slaughter and Beth Colocci and is supported by corporate sponsors Trafigura, AXA and Brakes Group.

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One thought on “#Trafigura art prize to be announced November 3

  1. Ivan Pope says:

    I heard yesterday that the Trafigura Art Prize is no more – that it’s reverted to being the Young Masters Prize, with no cash prize, i.e. Trafigura have got their £4000 quid back. Which is a win for the art world and artists.

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