Natural Balance

For the past few months I’ve been working with our friends Lluis and Yolanda from Hibrids, on an exhibition called Natural Balance : Art & Ecology (TEMPORARY OUTDOOR SITE-SPECIFIC INSTALLATIONS IN GIRONA, BARCELONA, SPAIN. May 9-17, 2009). It’s part of a big flower festival and includes soem great work by Harmen de Hoop (Holland), Samantha Clark (United Kingdom), Lucrecia Troncoso & Karrie Hovey (Argentina and United States), Terry Berlier (United States), Jeanette Ramírez (Venezuela) and Isidro López Aparicio (Spain). Yeah, this is a plug for the event (which I unfortunately can’t be there for) and I really hope people can get to see it while it’s up! The big challenge for these international ephemeral art events is how to reshape them so they have a powerful positive impact and not just consume resources and jet fuel. (Check out Samantha Clark’s great project as a fun solution to this.) I’d love to see more innovative re-purposing of these traditional art events. How can we better use this infrastructure to make something really different and useful happen? More of a Natural Cultural (Re)Balance…

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