More Milk Yvette’s David Berridge considers whether some notion of ecology is implicit in the Fluxus scripts in a new article for RSA Arts & Ecology:

Take the act of writing a score such Ono’s Piece for Nam June Paik No.1
and its one word “Water.” Such a piece embodies a host of
contradictions. It’s a written text, and a visual art work; a
performance in itself and a script for a performance that will follow.
It is precise, but not prescriptive; a gift for a friend that also
asserts an ecological dependency transcending the particular.

similar web of possibilities effects the reader of the score. The text
is self-contained and complete, yet such cryptic minimalism seems to
invite a response to complete it. That response is subjective, yet also
seems an objective response both to a word – water – and a substance.
Here a text seems to be becoming its own organism, both word, nature
and not.

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