Bill McKibben on

I’ve just put up the Bill McKibben interview. He’s asking artists to become involved working somehow with the figure 350. (That’s the number of parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere which NASA scientist James Hansen thinks will allow a sustainable civilisation).

 There are moments when you get excited about meeting great people who are doing great work. There are moments you remember when you wake up in the night sweating. This is either one, or the other. Or both: “When his team put it out that’s what they found, yes it is shocking.
I’m no Pollyanna on this, you know. I wrote a book about it 20 years
ago called The End of Nature so I’m not chipper about the whole
thing.  But, I think like everybody else, I’d assumed that we had a
little more room than we do. I mean, the Arctic melted 50 years ahead of schedule. That was the real daunting wake up call.”

Read the whole thing here.


Illustration: Heather and Ivan Morison Dark Star, 2007. Film still. Image courtesy of the artists.


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