Seoul Design Olympiad

For One more week, the Seoul Design Olympiad continues. The goal is to promote Seoul as the center of World Design, and for 21 days (14 of which are gone) this festival is celebrating the commitment to transform Seoul into an eco-friendly metropolis. The theme is “Design is Air”, talking about out connection to nature, and this centrality represents the “spirit of design in the 21st century.” They too are focusing on convergence. I have to give credit to the Indy Convergence (going into it’s second year in Indianapolis, and our second year of participation, this february) for inspiring the CSPA to use that word instead of conference, but it is nice to see it take focus away from conference. 

If you’re in Seoul, you may already be there. But if you aren’t, this project, which some claim to be the largest plastic art installation (someone has called Guinness) is pretty great. We picked up on it from

With bright plastic garbage collected in September, the Jamsil sports complex, where the SDO is occurring, has been transformed. 

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