This is our commons.



Hey folks.

There are a lot of amazing writings on the site, and today we’re spotlighting one of the newer ones, by Chris Desser.

It’s called Art and the Commons. Within it lies a detailed examination and debate about the lines between private and public space, property, experience, thought. The concept of the commons is pretty all-out-there for those of us interested in sustainability. Depending on who you read, corporations are trying to privatize the universe, private property is the only thing providing musicians with a steady income, information wants to be free, or, nobody should be allowed to wear a pepsi t-shirt to school on coke day.

Commons commons. So let’s hear it. If you’re part of the community you’ve heard our recent cries for members and contributions. The website itself is one of those grey places, maintained by a few but devoted to the many folks in the webiverse. Love to see some comments on the idea of commons in general, and maybe even some shout-outs about ways this commons can work better for you.



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