Lorna Jordan’s Terraced Self

The recently announced recipients of the 2008 Americans for the Arts Public Arts Network Awards include a work by Lorna Jordan called Terraced Cascade.

It’s a xeriscaped park/abstraction of the human body.

Can’t get much more direct than that.

It’s a landscape of plants designed to utilize resources as efficiently as possible, with stormwater flowing down a (”spine-like”) path into (”rib-like”) terraced recesses. There are also pathways with seating areas, so the place can be appreciated as a pretty garden and as a functional work of art and as a metaphor for our connection to the Earth. Sounds like the next best thing to feeling spiritually connected to a piece of wilderness untouched by man. Plus it feeds your conceptual intellect. Ahem, I say: woot.

Terraced Cascade can be viewed at Chaparral Water Treatment Plant and Park in Arizona. Check out 4Culture for all the info.

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