A question of Salt Flats rock graffiti

A grainy image for a grainy practice. Driving along Interstate 80 through Utah and the white-snowy-sparkled salt flats, you see blur after blur of rock-words: names, hearts, peace symbols, smiley faces. Couples, questions, signs. Some messages have dispersed into shattered versions of themselves.

The other day I was at a party talking about greenmuseum.org, and a woman asked me if the stacked straw-people on a highway corner in Stanford could be considered to be environmental art. They were big hay-bale people, with shields, and straw for fingers, like scarecrow warriors. It’s a question that’s continually floating around the greenmuseum.org “office”, as well. Is it enough to make something with found or natural materials? Or must it answer the essential Sam Bower question: do the worms care?

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