Production Design Associates Launches Green Initiative

Excerpted from Lighting & Sound America Online, August 13, 2008:

Production Design Associates (PDA) will launch a new division called PDA Green Light.

PDA Green Light is meant to provide affordable event production while delivering eco-friendly practices for the benefit of the community and the overall environment, the company says. It will utilize production equipment and transportation that reduces the overall carbon footprint of typical lighting and A/V services, thereby reducing waste through various recycling and reusing methods. With the accessibility of LED lighting, battery and other alternative power sources and bio-diesel fueled transportation, PDA says it can now service clients while practicing eco-friendly procedures.

The initiative will be led by Dave Brisacher, whose credits include productions for The Weather Channel, Governor Mark Sanford, Senator Fritz Hollings, Mayor Joe Riley, Interscope Records, The Wailers, The Pointer Sisters and many corporate events and weddings. “Green Light combines two of my passions — event production and the environment,” he said. “And considering the current state of the economy, we are happy to be able to provide an affordable option to our clients with lower budgets. It’s a win-win situation.”

In business for 17 years, PDA has handled a number of high-profile projects, including five CNN Presidential debates.

“I believe that PDA’s success has been a result of the commitment to investing in new technology and responding to client needs,” said Jeff Nickles, the company’s president. “PDA Green Light is a great example of both of these strengths at work, and now we can see a greater environmental benefit, too.”


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