Monetary Incentive


At Green Allowance, kids make a deal with a parent: the kids save energy at home which saves money on the electric bill, and the parents share the savings as a Green Allowance.

Kids are already loving it. Here’s an honest to goodness quote forwarded to us this week:

“Ok every one! Google Green Allowance. PLZ! Its so cool. You save money on electric bills, and then if ur parents agree, you get the money that u save! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE google it! Its rlly fun, and free, and u get paid! Forward this to everyone on ur list!”     – Emilia D., 7th grader

Visit and explore the site. If you register (always free), you can check out the four Green Allowance gardens where kids learn what they can do to save energy and pick their projects. (BTW grownups, when in doubt, click the pig!)

Our pilot program in Glendale, California is commencing, and we expect them to catch the Green Allowance fever just as Emilia D., 7th grader did.

We are partnering with utilities to help them promote conservation in their communities. Green Allowance is a great way for utilities to:

  • market their existing energy efficiency programs
  • boost public relations and brand trust
  • support their schools and communities
  • enjoy a cost-effective demand-side management program
  • have quantified results

Spread the word; watch us grow, and if you have business inquiries just reply to this message!


The Green Allowance Team

Green Allowance.
Save the Planet, Get Paid.

ABOUT GREEN ALLOWANCE:  Green Allowance motivates and empowers children to be leaders in conservation, helping their families to be the most resource-efficient in the industrialized world.  Children today list climate change as a top concern, but they are overwhelmed with options for action. Green Allowance is designed to nudge many of them to act by creating a monetary incentive that keeps them involved. For more information on Green Allowance go or write us at