Flooded McDonalds

When the levee breaks…

I think that one should really try to engage experimentation and making examples and models. This way I think you can challenge all kinds of systems, politically and economically. If you don’t make examples then the machine just keeps running and being happy and self-fulfilled. And that is what one should challenge, always.

    Bjornstjerne Christiansen – interviewed by RSA Arts & Ecology
Superflex’s first solo show in the UK opened at South London Gallery last night, the film Flooded McDonalds [still above]. Read the full interview with Bjorn here.

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From January 16,  Superflex will be showing their new work Flooded McDonalds at The South London Gallery. Superflex are the radical Danish threesome who create a wide range of interventions they describe as “tools”;  with Rirkrit Tiravanija a few years ago they created Social Pudding – in which communities or gallery-goers “manufacture” and then eat a pudding together. 

This is low-res version of their last film, Burning Car:

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