Getting to Carbon Zero: The Holy Grail of Sustainability

The goals of sustainability encompass many areas including resource use, health and safety, energy dependency, environmental quality and other areas, arguably the most critical challenge is our ability to reduce and eliminate the CO2 emissions associated with entertainment in all forms. Are Carbon Zero productions possible? Today? Tomorrow?

This session will focus on the following: Available (and useful) Carbon Calculators and how to best use them • Breaking carbon impact down to components of production • Venues / Facilities • Audience Impact • Scenery • Lighting / Sound / Projection • Looking at Carbon Case Studies for specific projects and sectors to draw some rules of thumb • Understanding Carbon Offsets as a way to get to Carbon Zero. • Other Carbon reducing strategies for venues and facilities

Panelists: Charlie Deull, co-chairman of The Broadway Green Alliance; Sian Alexander, associate director, Julie’s Bicycle; Katie Oman, LEED AP, Fisher Dachs Associates; Robert Usdin, LEED AP, president, Showman Fabricators


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