Glossary of Terms

Mo’olelo Green Theater Choices Toolkit

Wood products scorecard

American Tree Farm System (ATFS) - The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) focuses on certifying the forestry practices of non-industrial private landowners in the U.S. It has no British equivalent

Fiber board = fibreboard

Boron-Based Preservatives: Bora-Care®, Tim-Bor®, Shellguard® and Guardian® – The closest UK equivalent would be ProBor treatment.

Fiberglass = fibreglass

Drywall = plasterboard

Colorant = colourant

Glass Ceramics, etc.

FDA approved glazes – In the UK would conform to either  Europe ‘EC Directive 84/500/EEC 1984’; for the UK ‘GB Ceramic Ware (Safety) Regulations SI 1647, 1988

Textile Treatments

Design Master – As a brand name for aerosol textile treatments is not well-known in the UK. but more information may be found here: for reference.


Aluminum = aluminium

Plastics and foams

Gator board = Polyboard

Lighting and Electronics

The EU intends to phase out common home wattage tungsten bulbs by September 2012

Audience Interface Materials

Flatware = cutlery

Show Power Facts Spreadsheet

Though we will look at information as how they will compute to dollars, you can find the current exchange rate here:

Lbs/hr = 0.45 kg/h

BTU/hr = kWh

Metric tons = metric tonnes

Kilograms = kilogrammes

Gas = petrol


For reference, Tim Atkinson with the Theatres Trust’s European Regional Development Fund-backed Ecovenue project offer that statistics that are used in the UK, as the best equivalent to the FDA, can be found on DEFRA’s website, at .

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