Callout: Sanquhar Arts Festival to repurpose derelict buildings

Sanquhar Arts Festival 24-27 May in Sanquhar Scotland to repurpose derelict buildings and brownfield sites.

For centuries homes around the world have been built from local materials, recycling to build the new from the old.

Where transport remains difficult, buildings continue to prioritise local materials.

As we become more aware of the carbon footprint of buildings made with new materials, designers are turning to a new vernacular architecture that repurposes local waste as well as sourcing materials nearby.

This year’s Sanquhar Arts Festival celebrates this trend towards ‘reconstruction and fabrication’, giving the old a new lease of life, creatively turning the abandoned and derelict into the purposeful. History is not destroyed but given a new focus.

Artists and architects (‘artitects’) are invited to submit papers or films of their experience of Reconstruction & Fabrication for this year’s Sanquhar Arts Festival running between 24 and 27 May.

Contact for more details. For the MERZ reconstruction and fabrication story visit

Deadline: 1 May 2024

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