Open Call For Beam Camp Project Proposal – Extended to December 11

Beam Center seeks proposals for an ambitious public artwork that will be realized by a community of more than 100 young people at Beam Camp in summer 2024.

Every year, Beam Camp solicits proposals for unique and spectacular large-scale projects that serve as the centerpiece for the 29-day session of camp, during which they will be built and brought to life by 100 campers and 20+ staff. Our Project Team works with the winning designers to translate their project designs into the camp context. We pride ourselves on the high level of craftsmanship and skill that our Projects and the work of our staff and campers reflect. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our past projects.

Winning proposals will be selected by a committee composed of Beam Center staff, youth, past project designers, and community members.

Beam Camp is looking for the following:

  • Proposals from creative individuals with big ideas, including but not limited to Artists, Engineers, Architects, Builders, Filmmakers, Musicians, Designers, Technologists, etc.
  • Big ideas that result in a unique, ambitious, and spectacular product
  • Proposals that communicate a clear vision (sketches, diagrams, and other visuals) and represent your/your team’s expertise
  • Projects that take advantage of Beam’s facilities, community, landscape and rural setting
  • Projects that use a range of materials, processes and techniques
  • Projects that allow us to create the majority of the components onsite and from scratch

Beam Camp Disciplines and Facilities include:

  • Full wood and metal shops, equipped with a range of hand and power tools
  • Welding facilities
  • Textile, dye and sewing stations
  • Ceramic studio
  • Molding and casting facilities
  • Technology lab
  • Audio equipment and instrument selection
  • Food Garden and Commercial Kitchen

Project Site: Beam Project NH

  • Location: Beam Camp in Strafford, NH
  • Completion: late-July 2024
  • Past projects: Welcome Beacon (2023), As Above, So Below (2022), and A Universe (2021)/

Award, Project Budget and Selected Artist Expectations:

  • For each selected project artists receive a $5,000 award
  • Selected projects have approximately $15,000 fabrication budget
  • Selected artists should have a general understanding of the processes, techniques, and materials involved in their proposal
  • Selected artists must be available for bi-weekly meetings beginning 6 months before project completion in order to facilitate any necessary development, prototyping, and problem solving

Application Instructions (

Please submit proposal as a SINGLE PDF that includes:

  • The title of your proposed project
  • A detailed description of the project
  • Visuals (sketches, diagrams, renderings, video link, etc.)
  • Information about all co-designers included in your proposal, if any: names, emails, experience (resume, CV, portfolio, etc.) and phone numbers of each individual involved (including the applicant)

Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59PM EST on Monday, December 11, 2023