GUAPAMACÁTARO ART & ECOLOGY – Winter residencies


Our program has been around for 17 years, being one of the first residencies worldwide to focus on Art and Ecology. We grant space and production support for people who are doing innovative work worldwide, across the arts and sciences. 


We accept applications from artists of all disciplines, designers, architects, curators, writers, art historians, art critics, scientists, teachers and people involved in sustainability. Applications from teams of 2-5 people are encouraged. Up to 2 family members (partner and/or children) can be part of your team.


We are unique in not requiring a proposal and completion of a pre-conceived project during residency. We value renewal, introspection, observation and time without an agenda – these are crucial for creatives and scientists in order to arrive at new discoveries. Our residency cohorts are carefully curated, varying from 3 to 8 participants at a given time. During their stay, participants use the hacienda grounds as a laboratory for their research and/or creative process. They are free to work whenever desired in the provided studios and anywhere in the property. Experimentation is encouraged as is discourse and collaboration, with each other and the local community.

You can pay a residency fee, determined by the current economics in your country of origin. This fee covers living quarters (private bedroom and bathroom), working space (4 shared studios), plus all meals, prepared by our staff according to your dietary preferences.

  • Apply by October 1st, 2023.
  • Payment: 50% deposit due Nov 5th.
  • Balance due a week before residency.

You can work 15 hours per week (3 hours a day, Monday through Friday) doing gardening, forest management, teaching youth, or any other relevant skill in exchange of the live/work space. The rest of the time you can develop a creative project or conduct research on a topic of your choice. Does not include meals; residents must self-organize to buy and cook their own food.

  • Apply by October 1st, 2023.