Ecoscenography Masterclass: 8-9th August, Edinburgh

The masterclass introduces the notion of Ecoscenography merging ecological design thinking and stage design to create engaging work which reflects and impacts the current world, especially in relation to climate change and social justice concerns.

We will explore both theory and practical ways to take responsibilities for what and how we create theatre and collaborate with the wider ecosystem at all stages of personal practice and projects. 

Participants will be introduced to interdisciplinary practices with case studies, living examples of the connection between individual creativity and sustainability showing how ideas can be translated into actions. You are invited you to explore approaches to integrating holistic environmental principles within your own creative practice. 

The course will include time for discussions, Q&A and plenty of breaks.

Take action. Help to build a movement of ecologically-aware performance makers.



All performing arts practitioners at all stages and scales of production to provide knowledge sharing between different experiences. I’m especially keen to reach out to producers, directors, stage managers and others who are part of the decision-making process.


• Learn about Ecoscenography
• Comprehend the importance and advantages of integrating ecological considerations within your creative practices
• Examine worldwide case studies of sustainable work
• Exchange knowledge with diverse roles in the theatre industry
• Understand what is your role and how to approach sustainability with varied teams.
• Co-create sustainable new narratives for the new paradigm of our society and the planet


Cost is designed to keep knowledge affordable for all and depends of your financial means. Trusting that you’ll choose the appropriate amount for your needs and support fair exchange. Income based sliding scale £200/£170/£140 (high/medium/low) + booking fees.

For those with limited funds I’m offering 2 ‘pay it’ forward exchange bursaries consisting of 1 day of work with me in exchange for taking part in the masterclass. Please email a CV and a short paragraph of why you require the bursary and what skills you can offer in exchange (assisting, making, painting, construction, marketing, admin, etc…) by 24th July – places available confirmed upon acceptance.


The 2 days will be divided between indoors and outdoors work – weather dependent.

Lift is available. Suitable entrance for wheelchair is from the basement carpark.

Please share any personal and accessibility needs ahead of time if need be to help prepare.


Facilitated by Mona Kastell, an international award-winning ecological designer, educator and shamanic practitioner who places Nature, well-being, interconnectedness and authentic community engagement at the heart of her creative process. She’s one of Ecostage’s co-directors – a grassroots initiative and website that provides a holistic framework, tools and resources for embedding practice-based ecological thinking at all stages of our creative processes and scales of production. Her design for ‘Glimpsing Air Pockets’ is featured in Tanja Beer’s book on Ecoscenography and won 1st prize at World Stage Design 2022 in ‘Alternative Design’.