Reflecting on Earthing Project film screening

On a warm September evening, we set out for an outdoor screening of 12 short films about human/nature relationships at the Pavilion Community Café in Edinburgh.

We first heard from Rebecca Palmer, a writer and filmmaker from the Earthing Project that created the short films. She explained how the films explore humans and our relation to the natural world through imagery, movement, music and storytelling. 

Earthing is a year-long art project, a collaboration among multidisciplinary artists and filmmakers and each film was made on one day (no matter the weather) a month for twelve months, throughout a year.

Introduction by Rebecca Palmer, Earthing Productions & Lewis Coenen-Rowe, Creative Carbon Scotland.

We next heard from the local environmental groups Shrub Hub, a cooperative in Edinburgh working for a world without waste by empowering the local community and from Nick Hepworth from Water Witness that works for better water resource management. Then we watched the 12 films, pausing halfway through for contributions from poets Scott Cassidy, Ali Millar and Jennifer Williams and the local organisation Earth in Common that works to make healthy food and nature accessible to children.

Driven by personal stories the films felt like a visual poem with the characters stepping into an almost ritualistic space of interaction with nature. Each film sought a connection with the natural landscape around us in a surreal setting where the line between humans, animals and nature were blurred.

The films were playful and shared a deep desire to reconnect with our environments, echoing a broken partnership with the natural world around us. All connected to the roots of the climate emergency, which arguably is also born out of a damaged relationship that needs to heal before we can move forward.

Glimpse of October film.

Find all the 12 films here.

Donations made by attendees were divided between the Pavilion Community Fund and the Stop Jackdaw campaign.

Reflections over craft beer by Decagram who supported the event.

About Green Tease

This event took place as part of the Green Tease events series and network, a project organised by Creative Carbon Scotland, bringing together people from arts and environmental backgrounds to discuss, share expertise, and collaborate. Green Tease forms part of our culture/SHIFT programme.

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