APASQ – And After/Et Après Conversations at World Stage Design 2022

These 10:00 am conversations during World Stage Design 2022 are a part of APASQ’s continuing exhibition recording industry professionals at international conferences. On the days of the recordings these conversations will be presented at World Stage Design (WSD) as a Cvent. There will also include bonus information at the end of the interviews informing WSD participants about select Ecoscenography events that will be taking place on that given day.

You can watch it live and chat here: https://vimeo.com/event/2339485 or return to this page daily for that day’s conversation.

Conversation Schedule

August 8August 9August 10August 11August 12
QuébecMarianne LavoieMarie-Renée Bourget HarveyPatrice Charbonneau BrunelleÉmilie RacineLinda Brunel
InternationalTanja BeerMona KastellVespa LaineJanis HartIngvill Fossheim
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