wAteR-climaTe arts festival | 3 – 10 Nov 2021

After two years of Covid uncertainty and estrangement across the globe, I am delighted to say that Cape Farewell is – very thankfully – in robust health. During the pandemic we busied ourselves developing new climate focused art and performance work, and we also built and launched our new website, designed by Bullet Creative. Easy to navigate, filled with current news and 20 years of extraordinary research and creative work, communicating on a human scale the urgency of the global climate crises.

Being able to gather together to experience art is more valuable and life affirming than ever. Cape Farewell has joined forces with Lighthouse, Poole’s brilliant centre for the arts and, timed to coincide with COP26, we are launching the wAteR-climaTe arts festival.

The centrepiece of the festival is the compelling new RiverRun exhibition (open until 4 December) – the culmination of two years of artists’ work interrogating the River Frome in Dorset, visioning how its salmon are stressed, what threatens this precious chalk river, how farm/food production has to be super mindful, and the impact of climate change.

The festival programme continues with a climate / culture debate, a series of internationally acclaimed climate-focused film screenings (including Q&As with directors), and live performances. These include a workshop and showcase for local writers, and the brilliant new show from writers in residence, SIRENS. Lucy English from Lyra Bristol Poetry Festival wrote: “I haven’t seen a performance like this for many, many years and I am excited that SIRENS are bringing back complex spoken word experiences to audiences.” 

Booking has opened, and I will be at every event so hopefully see you there or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

There is great expectation that COP26 in Glasgow will deliver – it must do. But rest assured, away from the copious amounts of hot air, Cape Farewell continues to bring creativity to the climate challenge, all staged in partnership with Lighthouse on the south coast of the UK.

Please consider supporting our work

One salient image, poem, film or song can speak louder than volumes of scientific data. 

Every gift, however large or small, makes a big difference. Help Cape Farewell create a better future for people and planet – we are all in this together.Your donation will help collectively kick the fossil fuel habit, creating the possibility of a vibrant, just and an ecologically stable society.

Thank you.

David Buckland, Founder & Director, Cape Farewell

“Climate change is no longer the preserve of the Arctic or Amazon: it is here in our own communities, presenting a cultural challenge for which we are all the solution as well as the problem.”  David Buckland

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