Playwright Chantal Bilodeau and Climate Change Theatre Action Radio Plays

By Peterson Toscano

Playwright Chantal Bilodeau returns to the Art House. Every two years to coincide with the UN COP meetings, Chantal and her team organizes an international event, Climate Change Theatre Action. They commission 50 short climate change-themed plays from 50 playwrights around the world. This past fall, over 200 communities organized events in 30 countries where they read some of these plays.

Chantal shares highlights along with good news about how the movement is growing both in and outside of the theatre community. A book with all 50 of the 2019 plays will be published in 2020. The collection of 50 plays from 2017 is available now.

The Art House is proud to present two of these Climate Change Theatre Action plays adapted for the radio. First, you will hear Dust written by Marcus Youssef and read by me.

It is followed by my play Bigger Love read by Jordan Sanderson and Israel Collazo, students at Susquehanna University. They play the parts of Kyle and Joey in their NYC apartment in the year 2028.

Photo: The cast of Climate Change Theatre Action 2019. Iowa State Daily—Britney Walters

Coming up next month, Rooted & Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis, a new book that fuses faith and personal narrative with climate action.

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(Top image: Performers Brandon C. Smith and Caiti Lattimer during “Climate Change Theatre Action: Setting the Stage for a Better Planet,” the official kick-off event of Climate Change Theatre Action 2019 in New York City. )

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