Int’l Call to Artists, Scientists & Educators: The Arctic Circle Residency, apply by Jan 15 2016

Deadline for Applications: Jan 15, 2016 11:59 EST

Application Guidelines

Upcoming Expeditions:

The Arctic Circle 2016, Summer Solstice Expedition: June 11 th – June 29th, 2016 International Territory of Svalbard
The Arctic Circle 2016, Autumn Art & Science Expedition: Oct 1 st – Oct 19th , 2016 International Territory of Svalbard

In 2016, The Arctic Circle program embarks on two high Arctic expeditions aboard an ice-class expedition sailing vessel. International artists of all disciplines, architects, scientists and educators alike are invited to apply.

The Arctic Circle 2016 programming takes place in the international territory of Svalbard, a mountainous Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees from the North Pole. Each expedition provides the opportunity for artists and innovators to pursue their personal projects on board while exploring collaborations with the expedition’s fellow participants. Our vessel and home during our time in the remote Arctic, a traditionally rigged Barquentine, is equipped with workspace, common areas, and ample room for privacy and creativity.


The Arctic Circle 2016, Summer Solstice Expedition: June 11 th – June 29th, 2016
The Arctic Circle 2016, Autumn Art & Science Expedition: Oct 1st – Oct 19th , 2016

Included are: • Hotel accommodation pre and post sailing, Longyearbyen, Svalbard • Transfers from airport to hotel, and hotel to ship, Longyearbyen, Svalbard • Accommodation on board from our point of departure to return • All meals on board • All shore excursions • Access to on board facilities Selected participants are responsible for transportation to/ from Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Selected participants are provided with a list of required items and appropriate dress to bring, and in-depth, comprehensive assistance in all areas of expedition preparation. Our ship is equipped and certified for Arctic waters. The Captain and crew are fully qualified and experienced in High Arctic sailing.

Application Guidelines for Individuals, The Arctic Circle 2016

Program costs are subsidized in part by The Farm, Inc. and our partners, and in part by participant fees. We, The Farm, Inc., commit to keeping the participant fees to a minimum. The participant fee for The Arctic Circle 2016 is $ 6300 USD.

Applications are vetted by jury based on artistic/ scientific merit and project description (where applicable). We assist all selected participants with funding efforts. The applicant’s ability to work with funders to realize a project should be reflected in the application.

To apply: We ask applicants to submit all materials by email only to: There are no application fees. Application Deadline is 11:59pm (EST) January 15, 2016 Artists & Scientists Please Provide: A letter of interest (PDF ~300 words).

  • A letter of reference (preferably from a related arts, educational, or science institution). The letter of reference may be included with application materials or sent separately by the author, by email, to
  • Resume/ Bio (for artists, please include artist statement) PDF
  • For visual artists; examples of previous work, approx. 8- 10 JPEG images sized and labeled appropriately. See page 05 for instructions.
  • For scientists: provide an abstract of proposed project, PDF ~300 words
  • For artists; provide project details PDF (if a specific project or body of work is the focus of your participation).
  • URL if applicable Complete contact information including physical address

Written acknowledgment of the participant fee and the commitment to meet financial requirements. Please include in this acknowledgment whether you wish to be considered for either of the two 2016 expeditions or if you are applying for one specific expedition (and identify which expedition, summer or autumn).

Attention Educators:

Educators of Science, Geography, Art, History, from grades 3-12, we want to hear from you!

The Arctic Circle program is placing an emphasis on developing our education programming. We are seeking applications from international educators interested to work within our program to gain knowledge in order to use for curriculum building and in-school collaborations, with the primary goal being to foster the explorer’s spirit in today’s youth and awareness-raising of important global issues.

The educator’s application process differs slightly from our scientists and artists. Please follow to the guidelines on page 03 while incorporating the instructions below.

Your letter of interest should outline, in brief, your reasons for wanting to join the expedition including a project outline of how you will use The Arctic Circle residency to the advantage of your students, and how you might collaborate with other educators and schools. You may submit questions to to help form your proposal. The educator’s letter of interest may exceed the 300 word guideline (to ~600 words). Your resume should demonstrate the desire to contribute to curriculum and show some history of developing or participating in extra-curricular student programs. Visual examples of work are not necessary for the educator applicant but you may feel free to include visuals relevant to your application.

Educators, please note, we ask for two letters of recommendation from you. One should be from your school’s director (if your school is to be involved in your fiscal sponsorship it should be stated in this letter). The second letter may be from a professional colleague that can speak to your qualifications relevant to your proposal.

Work sample guidelines:

JPEG images should be accompanied with full description; Title, work dimensions, media, and year. Image descriptions may be on the image(s) provided or listed on a separate document (PDF) with corresponding numbers to the images provided. Preferable JPEG image size is ~ 800 x 600 px, at 72dpi.

Video work may be submitted as part of an application. We prefer to receive a URL where the work may be viewed on-line. Or other common digital formats may also be submitted as part of the application.

From writers, we accept writing samples (PDFs please). As all submitted material is reviewed please provide a manageable amount. As a general guideline consider less than 10,000 words total.

From musicians and composers, audio files (MP3 or other common digital formats) are accepted.

Note to all applicants: -All applicants will receive email confirmation of your complete application being received. If you do not receive confirmation by January 20th, 2016, please contact us at -1 st round jury results (shortlisted applicants) are announced ~ Feb 18 th, 2016. Final selection will take place during the following weeks.

Selected participants will be responsible for a deposit toward the participant fee, of $2000 USD, 30 days post selection. -All applicants will be informed of jury-selection results. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about The Arctic Circle program at Available positions in our 2016 programming are limited. In order to accommodate applicants of interest we have introduced a policy wherein jury-shortlisted applicants may be issued an invitation to join the following year’s (2017) expedition program. Institutional nominations: Cultural institutions, galleries, educational institutions, and government departments interested in nominating and sponsoring a participant please contact: Aaron T. O’Connor Director, The Arctic Circle,


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