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launch of ADRIFT – a new project by Cape Farewell

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Tom Chivers – Cape Farewell’s Climate Poet-in-Residence

Art and climate change organisation Cape Farewell is launching ADRIFT – an interrogation of climate as culture, devised by Cape Farewell’s poet in residence, Tom Chivers (in London, UK). They invite the public for a drink, performance and short film, as Tom Chivers maps the natural territories written into urban space. Free admission.

“Discover what’s hidden underneath the streets and find out what an ‘urban pilgrimage’ is. Join us in the Main Space at Rich Mix from 6.30pm on Friday 5th October. Appearing with the director of Cape Farewell, artist and photographer, David Buckland, Tom will be presenting ongoing research and new writing.  Over the next 12 months, follow ADRIFT at capefarewell.com/adrift as Tom undertakes a range of mixed-media investigations: text work, live performance, debate and collaborations with other artists, writers, and poets. ADRIFT builds towards the presentation of a major new poetic project, in Spring 2013, supported by a series of live events across East London.”

Tom Chivers’ commission is launched as part of Cape Farewell’s new series of Urban Interventions. This will include the summer launch of SWITCH, a youth inquiry into poetics, culture, migration and climate.

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Cultura21′s international network, launched in April 2007, offers the online and offline platform for exchanges and mutual learning among its members.

The activities of Cultura21 at the international level are coordinated by a team representing the different Cultura21 organizations worldwide, and currently constituted of:

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Cultura21 is not only an informal network. Its strength and vitality relies upon the activities of several organizations around the world which are sharing the vision and mission of Cultura21

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Bat-Yam Biennale: Urban Action 2010

Call for Participation
The Bat-Yam Biennale is pleased to announce the open call for participation 
in Urban Action 2010.

The Bat-Yam Biennale functions as a laboratory through which attitudes in 
and towards urban space are examined. Urban Action 2010 continues the urban 
action begun in the first biennale , in which Hosting was the theme.

The 2010 Bat-Yam Biennale invites urban interventions that examine the 
city’s “flexible” nature. We invite anyone involved or interested in 
urbanism to propose interventions in the city of Bat-Yam.

We are looking for innovative proposals that will lead to the development 
and improvement of urban life.

For more details, go to: www.opencall2010.biennale-batyam.org
Please send all submissions to: applications.batyam@gmail.com

Deadline for submissions: August 30th, 2009

Bat-Yam international biennale of landscape urbansim
Curators: Sigal Barnir and Yael Moria
Asst Curators: Yael Caron and Adi Gura


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