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Kristina Wong, the Fringe’s most Divisive and “Gutsy” Eco-Commedienne, becomes a Woman of the Night

By Jingo! The Scotsman might think you need to be American to enjoy her, but Kristina Wong, “A storyteller that sends sparks flying with every line” (Broadway Baby), is moving the five star Going Green the Wong Way from 10:30 to 19:00… and she’s taking her Mooncup with her!

Bucking consensus, Going Green the Wong Way “Starts with a literal bang, but it just keeps getting better”  says Broadway Baby, but the Scotsman says Wong’s a “relentlessly self-congratulator” with simply “occasional glimpses of comic talent”. How can we explain that? Well,”To be scrupulously fair, most of the largely American full house evidently enjoyed themselves.”(Scotsman). Discover the show that “exacerbates” our cultural divisions! We don’t think you need to wrap yourself in stars and stripes (except for those from 5 Star reviews) when American Public Media Marketplace Radio Commentator Kristina Wong’s hilarious tour-de-force comedy about her hysterical triumphs and pitfalls in sustainable living moves to a later time this weekend. Starting 19 August, Going Green the Wong Way moves to 19:00 and gives away its last free breakfast at 10:30 on Saturday the 18th.

“Please make your way to HollyWong,” where, at a young age, Kristina Wong was tapped by Mother Earth and entrusted with a quest: Save the Planet. In this mad-cap comedy, Wong weaves her true-life adventures as a tireless missionary of recycling. From confrontational 6th grade performance art to 2006, when her 1981 bubble gum pink Mercedes Benz—that had been converted to run on vegetable oil—left her with a never-ending series of car repairs before it finally burst into flames on the freeway, Going Green The Wong Way will have everyone asking What Would Mother Earth Do?

Going Green the Wong Way has been called “A Hoot!” by the Miami Herald and “A smart, brazen and raunchy parody of political correctness” by LA WEEKLY. Mother Nature Network dubbed her “One of America’s Funniest Eco-Comedians” who is “…an energetic, witty, uninhibited performer… a seamless, sure-fire comedic turn” according to Backstage West. Just take it from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, “There are hundreds of ways to go wrong when attempting to go green, but going Wong can only ever be right” or Broadway Baby who says she can “Do no Wong.”

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Going Green the Wong Way is being presented by CalArts Festival Theater this August 2012 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland– the world’s largest fringe festival.  This show looks at the hilarious trials and tribulations of sustainable living, most notably, creator Kristina Wong’s experiences of running a car on vegetable oil, and subsequently, living in Los Angeles without a car.

“Going Green the Wong Way might be one of the most ridiculous shows we’ve ever seen, and we mean that in the best of ways…. Wong took a seemingly overworked topic like sustainable living and turned it into a surrealist, hilarious ride.”                           — Miami New Times

See the show in Los Angeles before it goes to Edinburgh!

This Kickstarter campaign is also a way for us to get the word out about the Los Angeles run of GGTWW at the Bootleg Theater June 28- July 22.  A donation of $35 or more will secure general admission seats for the run of the show and help us get to Edinburgh!  (See details on your right!)

More About Going Green the Wong Way:  

In her lifelong quest for sustainable living, Kristina Wong purchased a 1981 pink Mercedes that ran on vegetable oil, and endured a nightmare of never-ending car repairs and near death pursuits for the used cooking oil to fuel it. When the car finally burst into flames on an L.A. freeway, Wong lost the largest line item in her monthly budget, and gained the inspiration for this premiere production.  GOING GREEN THE WONG WAY brings our contemporary urban environment to life, revealing just how tricky it is to “do the right thing.”  Based on Wong’s true-life adventures, but elevated to surrealist heights, the production takes us from Kristina’s confrontational 6th grade science project, to her wandering years as a missionary of recycling, to her true calling as Los Angeles’ patron martyr of carbon-free living.

Going Green the Wong Way was originally produced by Mad Cat Theatre Company in November 2010 and premiered at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, FL as an ensemble piece.  It premiered as a full length solo work in San Francisco last summer (produced by Mad Cat Theatre Company and Circuit Network).  It’s also played at the Comedy Central Stage, Upright Citizens Brigade, South Coast Rep, and the Contemporary Art Center’s “The Off The Strip” Festival in Las Vegas.

“Kristina Wong is a funny — no, make that an extremely funny — performer with a wildly imaginative, sometimes raunchy sensibility.”  — Miami Herald

“Kristina Wong is a terrific physical comedienne whose love of dry humping, scrambled TV porn, reusable female necessities, scatology and vegetable oil make her highly qualified to be an ecological martyr.”   — Miami Art Zine           

“When things go wrong for performance artist Kristina Wong, you know it’s going to be a spectacular mess… There are hundreds of ways to go wrong when attempting to go green, but going Wong can only ever be right.”
— San Francisco Bay Guardian

“While her hilarious tales of being a “missionary of recycling” might make her audience laugh, the sustainable schtick isn’t just an act. Wong is serious about practicing what she preaches.”  — Good Magazine