Tate Modern closes sunflower seed exhibit to the public – Telegraph

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei carpeted the floor of the Turbine Hall with 100 million porcelain seeds and invited the public to walk across them.

But within days of the work’s grand unveiling, staff reported a fine dust rising from the seeds as people crunched them underfoot. According to health and safety experts, prolonged exposure to the dust could exacerbate conditions such as as asthma.

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Respond! in June

This Thursday we in Britain go to the polls to vote in local and European government elections. Depressingly, the environment is barely mentioned in any of the main parties’ campaigns. The papers are still full of the Telegraph’s expenses witchhunt and machinations to oust Gordon Brown.

Respond! kicks off today. For …
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Why does it always have to be Chas?

This morning’s Telegraph leads with the story of Prince Charles giving the  warning that we have “less than 100 months to save the world“.

Wonder what sort of crisis would it take to get a mainstream politician to make a similarly unequivocal statement  – one which in the light of new data emerging now on an amost daily basis is, after all, hardly scientifically controversial?

As long as the public continues to doubt the climtate science, as IPSOS Mori polls show they do, politicians remain reluctant to call a stick a stick – though to move swiftly from one metaphor to another, it’s unclear in this case which is the egg and which is the chicken.

In such circumstances, it’s not surprising that the undemocratic medium of green custard will continue to be used.

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