Interview with Polar Ice Bear Sculpture Artist Mark Coreth

While walking around in copenhagen last night between re:think locations I noticed that the Ice Bear was being boxed up. It’s below O Degrees now so it’s stopped dripping, but at it’s last stage of melt, It was still very effective. Here is an interview with Artist Mark Coreth

‘I realised that I had to bring the problem of climate change on this extraordinarily beautiful environment back to the world,’ he says. ‘To do that I created this idea of making a bronze skeleton which I was going to sink into a huge block of ice and therefore the Ice Bear Project was born.’


APInews: Artists in the Great Pacfic Garbage Patch

Five media artists are on Midway Atoll near the apex of the North Pacific Gyre, a huge circular current in which vast quantities of floating plastic trash are trapped. Artists Chris Jordan, Bill Weaver, Jan Vozenilek, Victoria Sloan Jordan and Manuel Maqueda are exploring the beaches, shooting photographs and video, writing poetry, and trying to respond to what they find, says Brooke Jarvis in YES! Magazine (9/16/09). The island of trash is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area twice the size of Texas where tiny bits of plastic outweigh zooplankton seven to one. found thousands of bird skeletons, piles of plastic where there stomachs had been. In some cases, the skeleton had entirely biodegraded; the plastic remained, unchanged. The article is linked to the project’s Web site. See video on CANtv.

via APInews: Artists in the Great Pacfic Garbage Patch .