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Radius of Art Conference

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Creative politicization of the public sphere – Cultural potential forces for social transformation

February 8th and 9th 2012 – Heinrich Böll Foundation, Schumannstr. 8, Berlin

The registration for the international conference „radius of art“ by Heinrich Boell Foundation has been opened: The number of places is very limited, and a selection process will take place.  If you wish to participate, please fill out the online registration at (click on “registration”). The website has also more information about the conference.

Cultura21 is a partner of this event. Sacha Kagan is advising the Heinrich Boell Foundation for the conference’s thematic window “Art toward Cultures of Sustainability”. The conference’s other thematic windows are: “Art for Social Transformation”, “Public Art” and “Cultural Policy Strategies and Funding Structures”.

Cultura21 is a transversal, translocal network, constituted of an international level grounded in several Cultura21 organizations around the world.

Cultura21′s international network, launched in April 2007, offers the online and offline platform for exchanges and mutual learning among its members.

The activities of Cultura21 at the international level are coordinated by a team representing the different Cultura21 organizations worldwide, and currently constituted of:

– Sacha Kagan (based in Lüneburg, Germany) and Rana Öztürk (based in Berlin, Germany)
– Oleg Koefoed and Kajsa Paludan (both based in Copenhagen, Denmark)
– Hans Dieleman (based in Mexico-City, Mexico)
– Francesca Cozzolino and David Knaute (both based in Paris, France)

Cultura21 is not only an informal network. Its strength and vitality relies upon the activities of several organizations around the world which are sharing the vision and mission of Cultura21

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Ãœber Lebenskunst. Initiative for Culture and Sustainability

The “Ãœber Lebenskunst” project is turning the city of Berlin into a showcase for initiatives that bring together culture and sustainability and examine new models for action.

Whether neighborhood gardens, urban beekeepers, carrot mobs, Wiki woods, sewing cafés or climate pirates on the Berlin’s Spree River – around the world, new forms of ecologically sustainable living models are being put to the test.
The Call for Future is directed at everyone who wants to come up with ideas both in and for Berlin. We are looking for art projects and social initiatives conceived to go beyond what we think is possible. That make the impossible a reality. The art of sustainable living in the 21st century needs not only global expertise, it needs the dedication and the innovative spirit of local initiatives.

Application deadine: May 24, 2010

“Everyone’s a part” – the trailer for the Call for Future.

See the movie in large scale


It’s easy. Please fill out our form (making sure it’s legible) and submit it in either German or English by May 24, 2010.

Please download the form here:

Deutsch | English | Français | Srpski/Hrvatski/Bosanski |  Polski | Español | Türkçe | Tiêng Viêt

In a two-phase selection process, applicants who are selected in the initial round will be asked to submit supplementary material (business plan, information about relevant previous projects, project planning, etc.) at the beginning of June 2010. An international jury made up of representatives from the realms of art, culture, media, politics, science and civil society will confer on which projects should receive funding by the the end of June 2010. The successful participants will be invited to present their projects at a kick-off workshop September 7-9 at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. The chosen projects will be given conceptual and financial support up through the theme festival to be held in June 2011.

How to submit your application
The application deadline is May 24, 2010 (postmark date/date of e-mail)
# by e-mail to
# by mail to

House of World Cultures
The “Ãœber Lebenskunst” project
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin

… or submit your application in person at the reception.

The House of World Cultures at

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If you have questions about the Call for Future, you can contact the Ãœber Lebenskunst team.

Just send an e-mail to or call us:

Mon-Fri from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Tel. 030 397 872-20

Frequently asked questions about the Call For Future


1. Who can apply?
Anyone can apply. Individuals, groups, families, residential communities, citizens’ initiatives, associations or organizations from the realms of art, culture, media, architecture and urban development, science and research. Applicants who are NOT residents of Berlin have to work together with a local partner. Because the idea is to focus on model artistic projects and social initiatives that build on models from elsewhere both in and for Berlin, we are expressly seeking these types of partnerships.

2. Which application documents have to be submitted?
For the pre-selection process, it is sufficient to submit the form (in German or English) which you have personally filled out and signed. Supplementary materials such as drawing, photos, manuscripts, recordings, audio files or DVDs can also be submitted. These materials will not be sent back. They will remain in the House of World Cultures.

3. How are projects selected?
As part of a two-phase selection process, a pre-selection will be made on the basis of the application documents submitted. The preselected applicants will be informed in writing at the beginning of June and asked to submit additional information about the planned project (résumé, business plan, information about previous projects, etc.). The Über Lebenskunst jury will confer on project funding at the end of June 2010.

4. What kind of funding can I expect?
In addition to financial funding of up to €20,000 per project, initiatives may receive both technical and/or conception all advice for project implementation from the Über Lebenskunst team. The participants selected by the jury will present their concepts at an (internal) kick-off workshop to be held September 7-9, 2010.
All participants that make the second round will be invited to a dinner the day before the kick-off workshop. The focus here will be getting to know each other in person and networking among the relevant actors in Berlin.

5. Can third-party resources be incorporated into the project?
Co-funding is possible.

6. Why is the call limited to Berlin?
In the 21st century, local ideas always have to be applied globally. Which is why we are primarily directing our call to local initiatives or to people who will implement their ideas and projects together with partners in Berlin, focusing (implicitly or explicitly) on global issues.
In addition, the future of humanity lies in the urban realm. Already today, more people live in urban regions than in rural regions around the world. Global urban co-existence must be conceptualized in a way that gives new value to living and is continuously reinvented. Today, people from roughly 190 different countries live together in Berlin. This is just one more reason that Berlin is a model city for ecologically sustainable living models for the 21st century.

via Ãœber Lebenskunst. Initiative for Culture and Sustainability.

More info on The Green Theatre Project at Arcola

We’ve had a great response from many talented people. More than we expected actually and it has become necessary to go through a short selection process (see message below). The project commences Saturday, April 17 at 2pm at Arcola Theatre. It is for performers, writers, theatre practitioners and generally interested people over 18. The aim is to use theatre to explore a variety of sustainability themes and create a high-quality short performance piece. If you are still interested in being involved here is some more information.

The group will meet over seven weeks, exploring sustainability issues through a variety of theatrical workshops, with the intention of devising a short performance piece. The location and dates of the performances are still to be confirmed. It will mostly likely be an outdoor or site specific performance. It is going to be very much a collaborative process and we welcome input from as many view points as possible. This is the first outing of The Green Theatre Project so there will be a lot of room to play.

Here is an outline of the sessions:

Session 1 – April 17, Arcola (2 -4pm)

  • Intros
  • Idea sharing
  • Short devising session around a theme

Session 2 – April 24, Spitalfields City Farm (2 -4pm)

  • Physical theatre workshop led by Irene Athanassiou
  • Devise short movement sequence
  • Decide on theme of final performance

Session 3 – May 1, Arcola (2 -4pm)

  • Forum theatre workshop led by Rosie Leach
  • Structure and form of final performance decided

Session 4 – May 8, Arcola (2 -4pm)

  • LeCoq workshop led by Skip Theatre (tbc)
  • Workshop potential material for final performance

Session 5 – May 15, Arcola (2 -4pm)

  • Interpreting text workshop (based on an Irish play) led by Cathal Clearly
  • Workshop and rehearse writer’s material for final performance piece

Session 6 – May 22, Arcola (2 -4pm)

  • Workshop and rehearse performance piece

Session 7 – May 29, location to be announced (2 -4pm)

  • Dress rehearsal/possible preview performance

Potential themes: energy usage, resource consumption and distribution, human/nature relationship, interconnectedness, the individual’s behaviour, fair trade, conservation, sustainable agriculture, social sustainability, etc. (These are just possibilities, the group will decide together on what issues they want to explore)

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in being involved, please send us a short paragraph describing what you hope to get out of the project and what you could bring to it. As well as what role(s) you would be interested in for the performance piece (i.e. writer, performer, stage manager, producer, etc) and a contact phone number. In order to be considered for the project we need to receive your email by the end of Tuesday, April 13. We will then let you know who has a place in the group. Please also let us know if you can not make any of the dates. We will be giving priority to people who can make six or more of the seven sessions.

Please note: That although the group is suitable for non-performers, the workshops will require some performance elements within the group.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Lisa and Rosie

The Green Theatre Project Arcola -

RSA Arts & Ecology – Residencies | Bengal Eco Art Rally

BEAR Residency Program
Bengal Eco Art Rally

Application Deadline: February 20, 2010

14 x 2-weeks and 4-weeks residencies for the following disciplines:

• environmental art • landscape/garden design • architecture – Selected artists will be offered travel and subsistence cost

The program is exclusive to UK based artists

From BEAR:

We offer a multi-disciplinary residency program for UK and Indian artists to conceive and execute new ideas and to work on BEAR projected activities with site-specific responses to the rich natural environment of Sunderbans .

The working environment in Sunderbans is intended to be conducive to the creative process and the program is designed to foster a collegial atmosphere and sense of community among the participating artists.

BEAR programme aims to host UK 14 artists for 4-week residencies from May through November 2009. and from Jan to July 2010 – We provide each artist with comfortable living quarters in Sunderbans

BEAR is primarily designed to support artists in the following disciplines: eco-arts, landscape and garden design and architecture. While we are open to consideration of other more specialized disciplines, as a general rule we focus on the creative phase of the artistic process.

Participation in the residency program is primarily determined by a competitive selection process that follows an open call to artists. Applications are evaluated by separate, balanced, rotating juries in the following fields:

• environmental art
• landscape/garden design
• architecture 

The residency program has a modest invitation element as well. Artists whose work is held in particularly high regard by selection committee members and staff as well as those artists proposing projects of special/strategic significance for BEAR vision are invited to participate alongside and on the same terms as those offered residencies by virtue of the jury system.

BEAR selections are based on the strength of the artist’s existing body of work, the perceived importance of the creative project(s) being proposed by the artist for his/her residency and an evaluation of the likelihood of the artist achieving success and satisfaction in Sunderbans environment. We enthusiastically welcome candidates from varying backgrounds, with varying belief systems and of differing age groups.

If you are interested in taking part, please send your project proposal to