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High Arctic Film Weekend

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London - December 3/4, 2011
On December the 3rd and 4th, the National Maritime Museum in London hosts the High Arctic Film Weekend. In parallel, the High Arctic exhibition is shown at the National Maritime Museum until the 13th of January 2012, too.
The weekend of Arctic films complements it by featuring a range of documentaries, Inuit features and rare archival footage. The purpose is to expose different representations of the Arctic over the past century.

Why are we so fascinated by the Arctic? Which impact has the climate change for the Arctic? Which problems are Inuit communities confronted with? Among others, these questions will be discussed in-between the screenings.

A special preview screening of the BBC Frozen Planet series programme 7 – On Thin Ice as well as  rare footage of early Arctic expeditions from the BFI National Archive will be shown and film experts, scientists and artists will be there to answer questions and discuss with the audience.

The event is organised in association with the BFI National Archive, Royal Anthropological Institute and Canadian High Commission.
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Cape Farewell 2010 Expedition

On 9 September 2010, Cape Farewell begins its 9th Art & Science expedition to the Arctic. For 22 days the crew of 20 voyagers will sail around Svalbard and Spitsbergen on the Noorderlicht.

5 marine scientists and 10 artists from around the world – writers, musicians, visual artists, directors and architects – will sail from Longyearbyen around the north-east coast of Spitsbergen in the Norwegian arctic to encounter the magnificence of this extreme and threatened environment and engage with the scientific research being conducted on board.

Crew members include Paul Miller AKA DJ Spooky (musician, DJ & writer, USA), Deborah Warner (theatre & opera director, UK), Nick Drake (poet, novelist & playwright, UK) Matthew Clark (digital artist/ Creative Director of UVA, UK), Ruth Little (dramaturg & writer, UK), Mikhail Durnenkov (playwright, Russia), Cynthia Hopkins (performance & music artist, USA), Leonid Tishkov (visual artist, Russia), Iris Haeussler (visual artist, Canada), Marina Moskvina (novelist, Russia), Beth Kapusta (writer & architecture critic, Canada), Daria Parkhomenko (Director of Laboratoria Art & Science Space, Russia), Kevin Buckland (Arts Ambassador/, Spain), Bob Davies (architect, Canada), David Buckland (artist, Cape Farewell expedition leader) and others.

Their journey to the Arctic is broadcast on this expedition blog.
Daily posts by the crew members are sent back to the Cape Farewell website, which will display regular blogs, images and video reports from the expedition.


One of the expedition’s crew members, Matt Clark, artistic director of United Visual Artists (UVA), will create new material in response to the expedition which will be developed by the UVA team towards a new large scale commission for the National Maritime Museum (NMM). UVA is working with both the NMM’s and Cape Farewell’s extensive archives and experience to develop an immersive and interactive installation for the NMM’s forthcoming Special Exhibitions Gallery. The exhibition, titled High Arctic, will launch in summer 2011 as the first temporary show in the Museum’s new Sammy Ofer Wing.

2010 Crew List

The trip will see a team of 20 artists and scientists from Russia, the US, the UK, Australia, Spain and Canada embark on a three-week expedition, sailing north of the 80th parallel on the Noorderlicht to the ice edge from Spitsbergen and east towards Russia.

Nick Drake
Bob Davies
Deborah Warner
Daria Parkhomenko
Kevin Buckland
Iris Häussler
Mikhail Durnenkov
Marina Moskvina
Leonid Tishkov
Cynthia Hopkins
Matthew Clark
Beth Kapusta
DJ Spooky
Joy Guillemot
Dr. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez
Dr. Simon Boxall
Matt Wainwright
Nina Horstmann
Ruth Little
David Buckland

About | Cape Farewell 2010 Expedition.