10 YouTube videos from artists responding to the environment

Gemma Lloyd has put together this list of 10 artists responding on the Respond! site, which includes Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, a slightly scratchy talk on Walter De Maria’s Lightning Field, film of Aleksandra Mir creating her First Woman On The Moon and this one by Tomas Saraceno:


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Respond! Latest.

Gemma Lloyd is putting the finising touches on the Respond! programme. It’s proving to be an ultra efficient, low budget way to shine a light on some excellent events taking place around the UK. The South West is particularly strongly represented. If you know of any arts events taking place in your area in the UK in June which are in some way responding to the idea of the environment, get in touch.

Check out the Bash Creations site too for their latest news.

Spread the url: respond09.org

If anyone wants to put the Respond! countdown clock on their site, get in touch and I’ll send the source code.

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