The Big Draw under The Black Cloud

Two projects we’ve been involved with came together in a good way this weekend. The idea forThe Black Cloud, the public shelter artwork created by Heather and Ivan Morison emerged out of a Bristol residency the RSA Arts & Ecology Centre organised back in 2007, with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Curated by Situations, the shelter has been hosting a series of community events based loosely on how we imagine our uncertain future – all held literally under The Black Cloud.  After the discussion it was also host to The Big Draw, the Campaign For Drawing’s great project to get as many people drawing as possible. This year is their tenth year and they asked The RSA Arts & Ecology Centre to pick one of the themes; we chose Look to the future: work together to combat climate change.

Michaela Crimmin, Head of Arts at the RSA was down there this weekend and took this on her phone.

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Heather & Ivan Morison | The Black Cloud barn-raising

The Black Cloud in production at Spike Island, Bristol from situations.org.uk

Heather and Ivan Morison’s The Shape of Things To Come: The Black Cloud barn-raising takes place on Saturday July 25 in Victoria Park, Bristol. Continuing their run of pavilions for a fragile future that, includes I’m So Sorry. Goodbye at Radical Nature, they’re creating a shelter for public performance and debate, based partly on the shabono communal huts built by the Amazonian Yanomamo – the “fierce people” of the Amazon. More about that on the Situations website. Situations are still looking for volunteers to help record the day.

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Change and the power of narrative

When it comes to changing perceptions, artist Heather Morison, whose work with Ivan Morison is strongly located in narrative, argues for the importance of story telling in a new interview on the RSA Arts & Ecology Centre website:

One of the things which I find really fascinating is how when you …
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