Announcing CSPA Connect

You may have noticed a couple of small changes to the site. First f all, our page dedicated to the GreenSTAGE Program has come down. More on this soon, but it’s not going away, we’re retooling out certification efforts to better reflect growing partnership in the sustainable arts community. 

We’ve also changed the name of the Wiki to the CSPA Online Resource Guide to make it clearer what it is, as opposed to what technology powers it. Of course the people that power it are you and me still. 

But the bigger news is CSPA Connect. To add to our attempts to provide infrastructure, we’ve set up CSPA connect at CSPA Connect is a dedicated social network for those involved and interested in the activities of the CSPA to connect. We are big fans of transparency and sharing, so it seemed natural to provide this to our friends and members. It’s free and since it is built on the Ning Platform, you’re profile becomes a portable identity you can carry to other Ning based networks like for theaters big on concept, but cheap on funds are connecting, for New York Theater artists, and where people are envisioning new models of production. 

Join when you get a chance.